About Ninjam Moves

Hi! My name is Jam, and I possess the desire of a NINJA – to discover all the secrets of places I visit. But unlike ninjas, I don’t do it in stealth. I do it through non stop exploring! If you really know me, you’ll know that I am always on the MOVE. I escape to far off places that call to those who wander. That’s the ninJAM Moves! Join me as I explore the world.

How Ninjam Moves Started

I have always been a fan of taking pictures ever since I was young. In high school, I had scrapbooks where I would collect photos that remind me of my best memories. When the digital age started, I started keeping pictures in a computer instead of my scrapbooks. Seeing how much my collection has grown has inspired me to share these pictures online. The now defunct Multiply was my first medium. Then in 2009, I transferred to Facebook.

So, how did I get started in blogging? 

My cousin, who is a mommy blogger, influenced me to put up a blog instead of sharing my adventures on Facebook. Her first advice: decide on a good domain name because that will represent me FOREVER. 

That didn’t happen.

Since I started blogging nine years ago, I have gone through three domain names: Jammy Jam Spread, Lady Lagalag, and what is now Ninjam Moves.

Jammy Jam Spread, Lady Lagalag, and Ninjam Moves

My first domain name was “Jammy Jam Spread”. I created this in 2011 and was meant to describe me as the “Jam, spreading the news”. Instead of that happening, it sounded like I was selling a jam spread. I realized that I didn’t want to write about the news. I wanted to write about MY story. So, I changed it to “Lady Lagalag”.

After the Jam name failed, I changed to Lady Lagalag (see insert for definition). I arrived at the name “Lady Lagalag” because I believe that it is only when you go LAGALAG that your story begins. It seemed like the perfect name this time, but it wasn’t. LAGALAG was often mispronounced as LAGLAG, which means to fall. And I didn’t want to be the LADY who FELL. 

Despite that, Lady Lagalag got the most attention from 2013 to 2018. My domain authority as a travel blogger also got better. Still, I had to let Lady Lagalag go because I got caught up in the working world. I also became inactive with attending blog events.

After that, I thought this was it. It’s time to hang up my blogging hat. I thought I’d quit blogging until work required me to explore the intricacies of WordPress. This made me unearth my blog again.

The Birth of Ninjam Moves

Janine, my real name, when pronounced in reverse is Nin-ja. Jam is another nickname. Combine them and you get Ninjam. I added the word “moves” as I believe my story begins every time I move. Thus, Ninjam Moves was born.

Officially, Ninjam Moves started in Feb 2019. All the stories, travels, and great adventures that I’ve posted on my previous blogs can be found in the pages of Ninajam Moves. I add fresh content to Ninjam Moves whenever I travel.

What Does Ninjam Moves Write?

The Ninjam Moves blog talks mostly about the places I’ve been to and the yummy cuisines that I got to try during my travels. Of course, no travel blog can be complete without talking about shopping, so I’ll also be sharing my best travel finds. I’ll also walk you through some of the events I attended. To let you know what was going on in my mind as I wandered around, I’ll also be sharing some of my most profound self-reflections while I was traveling.

From Jammy Jam Spread, Lady Lagalag, and now Ninjam Moves I welcome you to my perfectly imperfect journey. I hope that Ninjam Moves will continue to inspire you to keep moving forward – be it physical or mental aspects.

About Janine

About Ninjam Moves

My name is Janine “Jam” Daquio. I am a blogger and an avid traveler who’s always on the move. I graduated with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Santo Tomas. Maybe because I’ve always had a thing for traveling, so I took a course that I knew would take me places. 

After college I was a “lost sheep” for quite a long time because I did not know what I really wanted. And it was not easy to live when you have no clue about what you wanted to do in the future. But it’s okay. Because it is when you are lost that you will be found. 

While I was trying to figure things out, I thankfully landed a job as a marketing assistant in 2016. This was when it all began for me and what made me end up where I am now.

Today, I own the Ninjam Moves blog and I specialize in digital marketing. My journey to becoming a blogger was not easy as I don’t consider myself as a full-time writer. I sometimes find it hard to know if my grammar is right. TBH, I don’t even know which is right: wrong gramming or wrong grammaring? The answer: ungrammatical. 😊 

If you find some grammar or spelling errors, please bear with me. Better yet, send me a private message so that I can correct them. 

My message to you reading this, you ended up here because maybe you’re looking for something too. You’re lucky if you already know what you want but just don’t know where to find it. I hope you find what you are looking for in my adventures. If you don’t find it here, I urge you to keep exploring and I thank you for dropping by my page. 

Good luck and happy searching!