The Importance of Travel

calendar_todayOctober 10, 2020
account_circleJanine Daquio

What you love about traveling is not just about witnessing spectacular places or experiencing unforgettable adventures. You may not be fully-aware but traveling has become a way for you to grow.

If you were traveling for a tour, you gain culture. If you were traveling for business, you gain money. If you were traveling for self-reclamation, you get back your worth. And when you finally go home, what you bring back is your soul… you have grown.

The Importance of Traveling

Travel Reminds Us About Love

Whether you have started loving to travel at a young age or a late bloomer of the pleasure of what travel can bring, you can always vividly remember your first time. It can be the glistening blue sea while you were on the boarding ship or appreciating the sunset while you were atop the hills. You can never forget the time when you have fallen in love about the idea of traveling.

Travel Teaches Us to Explore

Arriving at your destination, the unfamiliarity of the surroundings and the spoken strange words were echoing. It is the peculiarity that excites you. You were excited to learn more about the place and the way the local people live. You are loving the idea of traveling because of meeting people in a conventional way but not in an ordinary way.

Be it from the vendor where you bought a souvenir; a driver who helped you reach your destination; a tour guide who spoon-fed your knowledge about the culture, a cousin whom you haven’t seen for a long time; or traveler who is the same as you who had lost its way; they were all probably destined to be met by you. Or maybe it was just a random circumstance. Nevertheless, they were all part of your adventure that you cannot always encounter in your routine life. You feel alive.

Travel Teaches us to Adjust

But just like any kind of journey, obstacles will always be in the way before you grow. After learning all the things about where you are, what comes next is about fitting in. Now that you were aware, will you adapt or will you reinvent the environment?

Learning to adjust tells how much you like where you are – the willingness to adapt is being ready to change for something. You are not afraid to change because you know who you are and you know what you love about yourself.

Travel is About Finding Yourself

Indeed, traveling can change you and is inevitable because you strive to move forward. You were lost and you wanted to take one step backward and rest from the madness of the world. You feel that your world is starting to feel small and by traveling you will see again how big the world is. By traveling and leaving footprints to the place you’ve been to, you will feel that you can conquer yourself again and the world has more to offer. From there, you are taking two-step forward.

Reasons for Traveling

To wrap up, there are plenty of reasons why people travel and you might find yourself belonging to one of these:

  • You travel for leisure because socially, you wanted to experience happiness in a different shape. social
  • You travel to escape because emotionally, you wanted to forget.
  • You travel to educate yourself because whether that’s for business or personal pursuits, mentally, traveling teach us of something.
  • You travel for your soul because physically, not moving elsewhere made you feel that everything has become stagnant including your goals.

Travel has not just become an essential for the economy to grow but for you as a person to grow. Experiencing new things make us feel good, and that’s a fact.

Traveling is a kind of novelty that is beneficial for the brain, according to Aaron Heller. Getting exposed to new experiences result to positive emotions and you are taught to become more resilient. Exploring something new like traveling is a part of your life that must not be neglected. Now, tell me how how do you feel after a tiring days or week of traveling. Better, right? Coz whatever the question is, travel is the answer.