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calendar_todayOctober 17, 2021
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As new industry players enter the exciting hospitality game, the pandemic has ultimately become a challenge even to the older players. Some hotels and restaurants have to temporarily close their businesses while some have already started to open their establishments again.

In the Philippines, one of the international airports is located in Pasay. With that in mind, hotels and casinos are strategically set up in this city for travelers.

For restaurants, it would surely be a hit to offer different kinds of cuisines to foreigners and also a good opportunity for them to have a taste of Filipino cuisine. Here are some of the best restaurants in Pasay.

Korean Restaurant in Pasay

Songdo’won Korean Restaurant

Songdo’won Korean Restaurant is a restaurant in Macapagal near KTV bar. Before the rise of unlimited samgyupsal restaurants like Samgyupsalamat and Romantic Baboy, I felt that this place was special. Samgyupsal was such an appetizing food and it’s unlimited!

After 4 years, they are still rated #1 in Zomato for the best Korean restaurant in Pasay. After all these years, they have retained that prestige of having the best Korean food and best service. They also offer other Korean dishes.

678 Korean Restaurant

678 Korean BBQ Restaurant is a well-known restaurant since it operates globally. No wonder the food tastes authentic. Back in the day when Korean restaurants were not that many, this place is where Korean celebrities stop by since Pasay is just near the airport.

Chinese Restaurant in Pasay

Hua Yuan Brasserie Chinoise – Hilton Manila

Wanted to try an extraordinary dining experience? Here’s Hua Yan Brasserie Chinoise to surprise you. Whether you are a foreigner who just landed in Manila or a local who just simply wanted to satisfy their day, visit Hua Yuan Brasserie Chinoise located at Hilton Manila hotel. Splurge into their unlimited dim sum and other satiating food.

China Blue by Jereme Leung

As straightforward as the restaurant name suggests, China Blue is a Chinese restaurant situated in Conrad Hotel. Just as much as hotels can put you in awe with the interior design and ambiance, China Blue restaurant would give you that impression, too. To add up with all that luxurious feel, try their pecking duck and truffle mushroom bun.

Japanese Restaurant in Pasay


Ever heard of a Japanese grilling restaurant? Tama ka, it’s Tajimaya! They have premium wagyu beef that would just be difficult to resist. Partner it with their rice called “chajan!” to surprise you pun intended.

Kyoto Chaya

Same with the previous recommendation, this restaurant is located in the Mall of Asia. Opting to go for a cheaper Japanese restaurant, Kyoto Chaya is a good place to go. Despite its cheaper price, the food served is of good quality. The ambiance is very laid back – a good place to hang out with friends.

Looking for a dessert after that meal? Try Rita’s or Chocolat which is also located in the Mall of Asia.

Dampa Restaurant in Pasay

For foodies who would rather want to have seafood for their meal, going to Dampa in Pasay is the best place to go. The locals enjoy this kind of extraordinary way of dining and if you are a tourist, this is a good place to experience some Filipino culture. Just in case you wonder, Dampa’s concept is to let you choose and buy the seafood fresh.

The wet market is within the area where the restaurants are located, too. There are lobsters, crayfish, prawns, crabs, and colorful fish I can’t even name.

The restaurant you choose will cook your fresh seafood how you want it. Scallop soup? Baked scallop? No worries, you are the boss. I mean, the customer.

It is best to go as a group since the wet market has a minimum order of 1 kilo per seafood. If you wish to have a half kilo, the vendor would still charge you for a kilo. However, other vendors can compromise for a half kilo. They would partner it with another seafood but the price would be higher or you would have to add a couple of amounts for the payment.

Some of the recommended Dampa restaurants are as follows:

  • J Squared Palutuan
  • Claire dela Fuente Restaurant
  • Igmaan Seafood and Paluto Restaurant
  • Aling Tonya’s Seafood Palutuan
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