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Since Makati is known as the central business  district of the Philippines, one thing that is expected to be at this place aside from the towering buildings is its listings of food choices. With tons of employees, employers, and investors going to Makati, I’m sure that one of those many pleasures people would want to have during the day or after a hectic day is to get the best food treats!

Before giving you this list, these are mostly from my own recommendation or my officemates recommendation. Some of them have separate reviews that you may check on my blog.

Makati Restaurants by Cuisine

Filipino Restaurants in Makati

There’s a lot of Filipino restaurants out there but if you want to take Filipino dishes in a fancy way, try Abuela’s. Their food presentation is very unique. On the other hand, Dekada is the place to go if you wanted to have a boodle fight and wanted to know a brief history of the Philippines. Their menu is inspired from the heroes who saved Filipinos. 

Another restaurant worth giving a try is Sentro 1771. They offer sinigang na corned beef, a surprising combination even for the Filipinos. Sinigang is a sour soup often served with pork. So, how corned beef would go well in sinigang? The answer would always be “I don’t know” if you won’t give it a try.

To know more about Filipino food, you may check this article, Getting to Know the Food in the Philippines.

Chinese Restaurants in Makati

I was not really a huge fan of Chinese cuisine not until I had pure Chinese boss and officemates. Here are few of the Chinese restaurants in Makati I have tried and to where Chinese would hang out. You would even notice that the Filipino servers can speak basic Chinese. Chinese love eating hot pot and I did enjoy it, too. I can’t have a precise recommendation since the food just comes along. Caution though, the spicy hot pot is REALLY spicy.

  • Happy Hot Pot
  • Shrimp Master Food Inc
  • Jiang Nan Hot Pot

For my Filipino readers, I can recommend Peking Garden if you have a budget. Hawker Chan, on the other hand, would be the best restaurant if you want something affordable. Both are delicious. I haven’t tried Din Tai Fung Xiaolongbao Bar but it has been a buzz in my social feeds for a time. Meanwhile, Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen looks fancy but the menu is pocket-friendly. Last but definitely not the least, my office mates and I always order the kutchay pork dumplings at Lao Beijing for delivery. Whenever we would have to stay longer at the office this has been our comfort food. It’s so good and the dumplings are really large!

Korean Food in Makati

I also had a Korean boss back in 2016. I used to eat a lot at Korean restaurants because our clients are also Koreans. While I have eaten at these restaurants, I cannot totally evaluate the food because I was busy holding 100 days (Korea’s tradition to celebrate the 100th day of the baby), and a birthday event for a kid.

Kaya Korean Restaurant is a restaurant located in Jupiter street. It has a function room so it’s really perfect for events while San Sung Korean Restaurant is the caterer that my former boss gets whenever our clients only get the events place and they would need a caterer. The owner here is pure Korean and they have a physical store in Poblacion. I haven’t eaten at their place yet but I have tasted it since the food was brought to us. It’s authentic and Koreans really love it.

Dong Won Restaurant is near my office before and sometimes, our boss would treat us here. Because my former officemates became familiar with the menu, we would sneak in to go here at lunch and eat samgyupsal, bulgogi, japchae, tteokbokki, and kimbap. 

But if you are craving chicken and beer just like how you see in Korean dramas, then Big Mama Restaurant is your must go-to place. Their chicken here is good and the beer mug is really huge so get a hold of yourself. Most Koreans would hangout here, but don’t get intimidated coz they just really go on their own. The staff here are friendly, too.

Now that samgyupsal has been the craze here in the Philippines, here are a couple of unlimited samgyupsal restaurants I’ve tried. Yes, I tried all of them!

  • Samgyupsalamat
  • Romantic Baboy
  • Jinjoo
  • Kozi Kozi

Korean desserts are quite pricey. But it’s a must-try. If you want patbingsu or known as a shaved ice dessert with toppings, try Hobing Korean Dessert. If you want to have a soft-serve ice cream, try Kiss the Tiramisu

Japanese Food in Makati

For the Japanese food, I may never have a Japanese boss but there’s one restaurant that I can be sure where Japanese people would love to go – Mitsuyado Sei-Men. My college friend was a manager here for quite long and she can attest that they have a lot of Japanese customers. We also frequent here because their hand-pulled noodles are really good! If you are in Century Mall, try eating at Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

There are a lot of Japanese restaurants in Metro Manila so choosing a Japanese restaurant in Manila won’t be a problem. A survey was conducted that Filipinos ranked Japanese food third as their most favorite cuisine. 

Indonesian Food in Makati

Would you believe if I had Indonesian officemates? Don’t bother me asking how old I am or how many offices I transferred. What should you be bothering is the existence of Indonesian food in the Philippines!

All of the food is usually around 100 to 350 pesos for the following restaurant I will mention. If you love kwetiao goreng and pempek, Warung Indo is the best restaurant. Meanwhile, if you find yourself craving for a soup, order bakmi at Bakmi Makati. They have a Facebook for their menu and contact them to order. There are other Indonesian foods for delivery like these pages: Bakmi Nyonya and Komunistas. Lastly, Unitry is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant where you find a lot of Indonesian food. 

I did not expect I would love Indonesian food so bad! It has a rich flavor!

Thai Food in Makati

I never really get to explore Thai restaurants in Makati but I have a Thai officemate and here are his best recommendations: Soi in Glorietta, and Simply Thai in Greenbelt. The best food to order are: tom yum soup, Thai papaya pokpok, and of course Pad Thai.

There you have it. I hope you were able to enjoy reading my post. To check more of my blogs, you may scroll down below for more restaurant reviews located in Makati.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Due to pandemic, the operations of the restaurants mentioned may have been affected at this challenging times.

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