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I thought that ecstasy means losing control of one’s self. So, I thought that the place I’d be going to is somewhere dark and neon. I thought that I would be intoxicated with trance music or be “on the other side” as Red Hot Chili Peppers puts it. However, setting foot on the Sweet Ecstasy is the exact opposite. The wall is a combination of white and red, plus the vintage paintings hung on the wall are almost too distracting for diners. Those paintings scream ‘look at me’, indeed. Then, I suddenly realized that this affordable restaurant in Makati uses the adjective ‘sweet’ in its name. Go figure!

Sweet Ecstasy is made with love, literally, as it is owned by the lovely couple Monica Tobias and Al Galang. The establishment is the brainchild of Mr. Al. Once he learned the basics of cooking, he became obsessed with creating different recipes.

The owners of Sweet Ecstasy, a restaurant in Jupiter Street.

Here’s a short list of the dishes we tried:

Sweet Ecstasy Onion Rings

I like their Onion Rings and the dip that came with it. Unluckily, I forgot the name of this wonderful dip. I will update this as soon as I can.

A go-to burger restaurant in Jupiter Street: Sweet Ecstasy

Sweet Ecstasy Wings

The Soy Honey Wings is the one at the topmost of our table. Unfortunately, I was not able to taste it. However, it’s one of their best sellers, which is a mean feat considering that they only introduced the dish about a week ago.

What I love most is their Buffalo wings (or maybe it’s just because I really like spicy dishes). Honey BBQ is also good. On the other hand, I wasn’t able to taste any choco or cola in their Choco Cola variant. Nevertheless, this one’s sweet, so those who like it sugary will like this. Overall, their wings are neither oily nor skinny. In fact, we felt full immediately!

A lot of chicken wings flavors to choose from this affordable restaurant in Makati

Sweet Ecstasy Burgers

I can say that their burgers are competitive in the market, which is quite a feat since there are tons of burger restaurants in and outside the metro. They have Cheeseburger with Caramelized Onions, Cheeseburger, and The Double. I cannot entirely tell the differences among them, except which ingredients make the one different from the others. The vegetables are fresh and the buns are not saggy. The locally-supplied patty is delicious and juicy.

Burgers to excite your night with friends in restaurant in Makati

Here’s an interesting story behind the burgers: Monica was pregnant when Al was still on the trial and error stage of creating the right burger recipe. You could say that this burger is like their son, too. Well, it surely us a product of love!

Sweet Ecstasy Fries

Among the three, I’d pick the Ecstasy Fries any day. It has caramelized onion, cheese, and ecstasy sauce. Munching these fries is ecstasy—pun intended. Although Kamote (sweet potato) is sweet, I still find these fries satisfying when paired with a burger. This one comes with a honey dip and it is definitely a must-try. Meanwhile, the Fantastic Fries tasted normal to me. I’m not saying that it’s not good, I’m just saying it’s okay. Generally, their fries are hand-cut and stout. Plus, the crunch remains even after awhile.

Fries has a special place for everyone whether foodie or not. Try this fries from a restaurant in Jupiter Street with flavors to choose from.


These are their shakes. We ordered different kinds for photo purposes. Some ordered Adult Shakes which has alcohol in it, but I chose to be demure that night. Actually, since Valentines Day started, I’d glug alcohol every Friday what with all the events I attended. So, I find it the perfect time to lay low on booze. I chose their Nutella Oreo Premium Shake (yes, it is alcohol-free). It is one of their best sellers. However, it looks just like their Cookie Oreo.

If you are considering to hangout to a restaurant in Jupiter Street with shakes, try Sweet Ecstasy.

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Ambiance: 3/5
Price: 4/5
Serving: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Taste: 4/5

Sweet Ecstasy Address: Jupiter, Makati, Metro Manila


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but not swayed to write positive reviews. Photo watermark is named after my old site name.

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