The Hot List: 15 Restaurants in Mandaluyong (Eat)

calendar_todayMarch 2, 2019
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From impressive well-loved local favorites and flavors from other countries, Mandaluyong has tons of restaurants that can answer your food cravings.

Food Delivery in Mandaluyong

There is no denying that there has been a lot of restaurants that sprouted in the country with many industry players offering different cuisines designed to add status to social gathering. However, the pandemic brought the country business closures and that the social gatherings are prohibited to observe social distancing. With that being said, people opted for deliveries as their solution to their food cravings.

You can check Food Panda’s delivery for Mandaluyong area or you can be part of this Facebook group exclusive for Mandaluyong.

24 Hours Restaurant in Mandaluyong

Since corporate businesses and some BPO companies are nested in Mandaluyong, workers would surely seek restaurants that are open for 24 hours.

Korean Restaurant in Mandaluyong

Filipinos may have discovered the Korean food late but the Philippines was able to cope up with Korean food favorites such as samgyeopsal, bulgogi, bingsu, and more! Restaurants continue to sprout with people willing to line up for a long queue just to experience Korean food grill.

Japanese Restaurant in Mandaluyong

Japanese as one of the best comfort food surely captures the heart of the Filipinos. Take eating ramen during rainy season, isn’t the best? We listed here the Japanese restaurant available in Mandaluyong.

Italian Restaurant in Mandaluyong

Okay. Sure we know spaghetti, pizza, and such ever since. Filipinos love Italian food whether it has used the right ingredients or with a Filipino twist, locals would want it any way.

Chinese Restaurant in Mandaluyong

The considerable growth of the Chinese cuisine in any part of the world is no question. With that, Philippines do have a lot of Chinese restaurants. Check this out!

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