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I was bugging my college professor this morning through Facebook by sending him private messages where I showed him a picture of a crust and asked what to call it. He first thought that I was referring to a dessert, but I told him it was a pizza crust. He took a look and told me that it was a crimped pizza crust.

Me: hi chef! Good morning. I wanna ask how do you call this kind of crust? thank you for giving me a little of your time.
Chef Sam: If with sugar, pate sucree. just like what is used with pastel.
Me: no chef. it is used for pizza eh? Kindly take a look. idk how to call it? twirled crust? hahahha! spiraled crust? fusilli-inspired crust? hahha! sorry for sharing this dilemma of mine.
Chef Sam: crimped. just like empanada edges.

Chef Arnold's pizza shop
I had a delicious pizza last night at Chef Arnold’s Pizza, a pizza shop located along Lourdes Drive, N. Domingo, San Juan. However, I didn’t bother asking Chef Arnold how to call the crust. By the way, Chef Arnold’s Pizza has been operating for three years already. Its first branch is in Mandaluyong, but the establishment continues to successfully expand as it has opened new branches in San Juan and Makati.

Having been employed in big companies both here and outside the country, there is simply no denying that Chef Arnold has a chock full of experience. The birth of Chef Arnold’s Pizza happened by accident when his friend was having a problem ordering a bunch of pizza for an occasion. After hearing this, Chef Arnold suggested that he can make pizzas for his friend as long as he would provide him all the ingredients he would need instead of ordering from a mainstream pizzeria.

This gave Chef Arnold an idea to put up a business. Thanks to that dilemma, we now have access to good pizzas! Trying out the pizza selection took me to different places. You’ll know what I mean when you scroll down below:


New Yorker Pizza

This one is topped with salami, ham, pepperoni, tomato, bell pepper, onion, mushroom and cheese. These are the typical toppings that you would find in a pizza, and even though the sauce used here is quite unfamiliar, you would surely reach for seconds.
Chef Arnold’s Pizza, a pizza shop in Mandaluyong, also offers New Yorker pizza


Chicago Pizza

This is a double crusted pizza. Although this one has the same toppings as the New Yorker Pizza (well, except for the mushrooms), the Chicago Pizza is creamier in comparison.
Chef Arnold’s Pizza, a pizza shop in Mandaluyong, offers a double crusted pizza!


Sausage Delight Pizza

Meat lovers will definitely love this.
a pizza shop for meat lovers


Wild Wild Mushroom

This one has vinaigrette herbs and spices and, of course, assorted mushrooms. Don’t worry much about the vinaigrette though; this number is not too sour.
Chef Arnold’s Pizza, a pizza shop in Mandaluyong that offers wild mushroom as toppings


Margherita Pizza

This is the best pizza margherita that I’ve tasted so far! The tomatoes and herbs are so fresh.
Chef Arnold’s Pizza, a pizza shop in Mandaluyong, offers fresh ingredients.


Hawaiian Pizza

The pineapple used here is not overpowering which makes Chef Arnold’s version stand out from the typical Hawaiian pizzas available elsewhere.

a pizza shop in Mandaluyong Hawaiian Pizza’s version



Obviously, this kind of pizza has more seafood ingredients like squid, mussels, shrimp, crab sticks, and tuna or salmon.

This pizza shop in Mandaluyong has Marinara flavor


California Thin Crust

I love how this thin pizza is topped with bacon, anchovies, ham, pepperoni, mushroom, and bell peppers.

Chef Arnold’ Pizza, a pizza shop in Mandaluyong offers thin crust


The ingredients used in these pizzas are purely local which fascinated me, because their pizza toppings are all yummy. I also like that the dough is very soft, not browned but cooked through. I guess that is their secret–the doneness of the crust is different from the crusts that I’ve tasted. The best part? Their pizza selections are sold at very affordable prices. Need I say more?
A pizza shop in Mandaluyong that is very affordable!



The presentation will knock you off your feet. You would probably be surprised if I told you that it is only sold for only P80.00, too. Plus, the serving is generous and the sauce used here is different. How do I describe it? Well, it is far from the Filipino style pasta sauce, and it also isn’t reminiscent of the usual Italian sauce. Maybe it’s a Spanish style sauce because Chef Arnold is half-Spanish. Ok, enough with these sauce theories.
A pizza shop in Mandaluyong that has a fascinating presentation of their spaghetti dish


Just like their spaghetti, their Carbonara is superb. It is not creamy, but it’s still tasty. I really cannot help but wonder about what makes their dishes taste good.
A pizza shop that has affordable carbonara!


My dining experience with Chef Arnold’s Pizza is unforgettable. I got lost while looking for their San Juan branch, but thank God for GPS. The place is still under development, yet we really didn’t mind since the al fresco dining experience was definitely refreshing and fun!
A pizza shop in Mandaluyong


Chef Arnold’s Pizza
Address: San Rafael Street, Mandaluyong
Contact No: 949 5046

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Ambiance: 3/5
Price: 5/5
Serving: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Taste: 4/5

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but not swayed to write positive reviews. Photos are from my old domain name.

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