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I’m sure that we have over-indulged ourselves sometimes with fatty, and oily food because of the comfort it gives. However, there are days when it feels like eating carbs makes us feel bloated, or there are days when we have woken up and decided to practice healthy eating diet (just for the day, lol). With this, salad is one of the food we can run to. Salad Bowl as its specialty that is a restaurant located in Molito, Alabang can surely feed the hungry Southerners.

a restaurant in Molito

It was raining hard when we, bloggers, got there. Traveling from the north (Quezon Ave), we know that the greens would never fail to fill our growling tummy. Well, we just eat everything LOL! So let’s get this started.

Salad Bowl Menu

The menu of a restaurant in Molito

Salad Bowl Starters

Sili Sticks

Who would not know of the green local peppers coated of wrapper stuffed with cheese to become an appetizer? This street food is known as “dynamite” because of the exploding spiciness. On the other hand, the Sili Sticks (P150) of Salad Bowl is little to no spicy. The diners won’t have to worry if they have zero tolerance for the hot feeling.

Sili sticks from a restaurant in Molito

Salad Bowl Smoked Fish Barrel

Because of the greatness of its presentation, it got hard for us to know if how should we be eating this dish. When we have sliced the tomato, it’s surprising that this is a smoked fish dish bathed in a light cream. Smoked Fish Barrel (P199.50).

The smoked fish barrel of Salad Bowl, a restaurant in Molito


Vegetable Lasagna

Layered. Whenever I see food like this, I am starting to generalize that it’s a lasagna and I was not wrong. Eggplants, carrots, cream, cheese, meat, parsley surrounded with greens, the diners would not regret trying Vegetable Lasagna (P280).

Not your ordinary lasagna – have eggplant lasagna at this restaurant in Molito

Smoked Salmon Pasta

This pasta, Smoked Salmon Pasta (P295) is also cream-based but colored orange. Is it not because of tomato as an ingredient? On the other hand, the chunky salmon is love! It’s nice that even if the pasta is cream-based, it is not heavy. This is definitely healthy eating!

one of the pasta dishes you will love is this smoked salmon pasta at this restaurant in Molito

Salad Bowls

Barbecue Chicken Salad

The Barbecue Chicken Salad (P280) comes in stripped greens so while eating it, I was imagining that the greens is a pasta. The taste is delicious I almost forgot that it’s not a pasta!

a different kind of salad here at this restaurant in Molito

Japanese Chicken Corn Sesame Salad

I like how they make the meat of Japanese Chicken Corn Sesame Salad (P350) blends on its sweetness of the corn because the meat is salty.


If I were to choose, I like the Truffle Bacon, Beef and Cheese Wrap (P390) better because it is tastier. Maybe it has a secret sauce or probably it’s the cheese! There’s nothing wrong with Chicken Inasal Wrap (P260), it’s just that it’s very much leafy.

Salad Bowl does not only have salads but also wraps!
Chicken Inasal Wrap at a restaurant in Molito


Chicken Arugula Pesto

The sauce of Chicken Arugula Pesto (P280) has a bitter taste but it’s a perfect pair for the smoky and peppery chicken.

The chicken arugula pesto from a restaurant in Molito

Grass Fed Burger

The Grass Fed Burger (P275) is a must try! This is “sulit“. It’s not greasy but satiated my appetite. The idea of “grass fed” made me think I was really going for healthy options when dining in here.

Eating burger the healthy way at a restaurant in Molito

Grilled Beef Tomahawk

The Grilled Beef Tomahawk (P4,000) is perfected in a way that we have fallen in love at first sight on this steak. This bad boy has an exemplary taste served medium-rare. Potato wedges, grilled bell peppers and carrots, and the cabbage and arugula made this dish even more visually appealing.

Tomahawk steak in Salad Bowl
This restaurant in Molito has a grilled beef tomahawk steak that is seasoned impeccably!

Salad Bowl Cake

Happy birthday to Cohen who’s holding a cake from Salad Bowl! More years to come #vegetaBELLS
Happy birthday to Cohen who’s holding a cake from Salad Bowl! More years to come #vegetaBELLS

The restaurant is inspired in shades of green and brown as a symbol of them serving healthy food fresh from the farm. Yes, Salad Bowl sources its produce from their own farm in Cavite. The food served does not come in small portioning so I can say that the price is very affordable. The taste is well-thought because of the balanced flavors. The diners can get full just by spending P250+. The place looks so spacious because of the high ceiling and the air con is working properly. The service is fast but has not really felt much of the presence of the staff. Lastly, I like that they still offer meat for giving consideration that the diners have different preferences of food and changing mood. Hope they’d open in the north area!

restaurant in Molito

Ambiance: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Serving: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Taste: 4.5/5

Salad Bowl address: Molito Lifestyle Bldg., 5 Cluster 2, Unit 9A, Alabang Zapote Road cor. Madrigal Business Park Ayala, Alabang, Muntinlupa, 1781 Metro Manila

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but not swayed to provide a positive review. Photo watermark is named after my old site.

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