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Lately, I keep setting foot in Kapitolyo. Given that this place is far from home and also far from where I work, there is a thing that makes me go here that is worth it – and that is food!

That night, we, bloggers are destined to go to the Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ. The exterior of this Kapitolyo Pasig Restaurant looks like the place where we would often see in American movies. Getting in, the color of the interior plays with black and brown that exudes luxury but worry not, the price of the meals they offer are reasonable.

a restaurant in Kapitolyo


Chicken Skin

If the diners want to begin their food that is tasty, try the Chicken Skin (145). An appetizer that is coated in honey sauce, it is great to pair with beer which I’ll be discussing as we proceed. I prefer chicken skin to be salty, though.

Sweet approach of chicken skin in a restaurant in Kapitolyo

Pulled Pork

The next appetizer looked like lumpiang shanghai but it’s actually a Pulled Pork (P200). Thick, full of stuffed shredded pork inside tossed in gochujang (Korean paste), it seemed like that there’s no air could come in this deep fried rolls! What makes this special is the kesong puti dipping!

pulled pork of Pitmaster’s Steakhouse - restaurant in Kapitolyo


Pit Caesar Salad

My apologies for the vegetarian and vegans but I am happy to their Pit Caesar Salad because it is topped with smoked bacon strips flavored with their homemade anchovy sauce.

the Caesar salad of a restaurant in Kapitolyo


The Truffle Pizza and Bacon and Mushroom

The Truffle Pizza (P370) is of course made of truffles, bechamel sauce, and pecorino romano cheese while the Bacon and Mushroom (P370) is topped with smoked bacon, shiitake mushroom, cream cheese, and gremolata.

Flavorful pizza at a restaurant in Kapitolyo

The flavor of the pizza is a dash of salty and creamy taste, To be honest, the taste of these two pizzas are almost similar. The pizza comes in thin crust and it is crackery (crunchy?) but not toasted.

Pitmaster Smokehouse BBQ Smoked Meat

Pit Platter

The next food I’m about to show is jaw-dropping as this platter showcases five of their smoked meats they offer good for four pax. So, here I present you this mouthwatering Pit Platter for P1,500.

  • The sausage with flavors of your choice: garlic & herb, sweet pepper, Thuringer, Bavarian smokies
  • The black Angus brisket that is 15-hour smoked.
  • The pork ribs that is 7-hour smoked.
  • The bacon strips that is homemade, 7-day cured and smoked.
  • The smoked coriander chicken with honey chili-garlic glaze and may choose if mild, hot, or magma.
A Pit Platter of Pitmaster’s Smokehouse only here at this restaurant in Kapitolyo

I like how their smoked meats taste. I am not sure about the method they used but I am certain that their sauce is delectable. Yes, it’s smoked but the taste is far from the usual BBQ flavors we are very familiar with like the sauce from the burgers, pizza, and etc. Uncle Cheffy also has a platter similar to this.

Side Dishes

On the other hand, the platter also gives you the option to choose four regular sides. The options are the following:

  • chimichurri rice
  • pepper rice
  • kimchi rice
  • garlic rice
  • plain rice

Adding sous vide egg for P25 is sulit! There is something magical with the doneness of their eggs.

These are some of the sides if you do not want to go for rice.

  • plain fries
  • kamote fries
  • slaw
  • corn cob
  • french beans
  • mashed sweet potatoes

See the difference between these two platters.

Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ Pit Platter 1
A platter from a restaurant in Kapitolyo that is worth your penny

Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ Pit Platter 2
Fill your tummy at this restaurant in Kapitolyo

Premium Side Dish

Moving forward, here are their pasta as premium sides.

The Truffle Pasta (P180) is creamy but not heavy. My friend, Shiela, said to pour the apple sauce to add more flavor.

Truffle Pasta from a restaurant in Kapitolyo

They have three sauces available which you have the liberty to savor it with any of their food!

Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ Sauces

The 4 Cheese Mac & Cheese (P140) looks artificial since the color is bright yellow, almost like the color of a highlighter. However, we learned that the food coloring they used is turmeric! It’s natural after all. Adding the violet cabbage adds glam to this pasta. It has the right amount of cheesy goodness.

4 Cheese Mac and Cheese at a restaurant in Kapitolyo

Lastly, the Angus Meatballs Pasta (P180) may look ordinary but this one is my favorite! It’s a blend of the sourness of tomato but with a hint of sweetness, I would have devoured it all if it weren’t for the others who should also taste it. LOL!

The Angus Meatballs Pasta of Pitmaster’s Smokehouse in Kapitolyo


Beer Paddle

It amazed me when beers are flavored. Most of the people who are not really into drinking beer always have the same reason – it tastes bitter. Well, here comes the toasted marshmallow, brown sugar cinnamon, salted caramel, and hazelnut banana-flavored beers! This Beer Paddle is P250 and since the toasted marshmallow is a premium beer, you would have to add P20 for it. I like the hazelnut banana and marshmallow! The brown sugar cinnamon is kinda weird but you may at least give it a try to explore new taste.

Savor different flavors of beer at this restaurant in Kapitolyo

Red Sangria and White Sangria

They also offer cocktail drinks and we got to try Red Sangria that is brandy and red wine based and the White Sangria that has Bombay, Absolut, Jose Cuervo, Bacardi, and lime. To be honest, I like the White Sangria better and kinda shocked that this has more alcohol mix than the red one.

Sangria at Pitmaster’s Smokehouse

The Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ has established its business just last year and it is surprising that there are a lot of diners coming in. This goes to show that the food they serve is delicious. Well, it is! I highly recommend the platter since you would get to try all of their smoked meats in one order. The place looks small from the outside, and it would make you think that the restaurant looks like a bungalow house. However, getting inside is actually spacious. The price is affordable and the serving is good enough to fill your tummy. This will be a roster of my recommended restaurant!

restaurant in Kapitolyo

Ambiance: 5/5
Price: 4.5/5
Serving: 5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Taste: 4.5/5

Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ 64 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but not swayed to write positive review. Photo watermark is named after my old site.

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