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calendar_todayMarch 15, 2015
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I have mentioned in my Tagaytay trip post that I have embraced a change. This change led me to take a blogging hiatus. The change I am talking about is having a day job. I decided to welcome that change, because I feel like I am always within the confines of my comfort zone. To be in a comfort zone feels good and secure, but if I don’t try something new, I wouldn’t know my capabilities and my limitations.

I’ve lived for two years selling online, and that has allowed me to be free as a bird. I have control over my time while I earn like a normal employee at the same time. During the past four months I spent working, a lot of things have happened. These things have challenged me, and they have helped me realize how strong I am.

The job I took is really not that hard, so the salary is not that high either. I thought that it would be a good idea to keep a day job while I continue my online business as it would help me make more money. Boy, was I wrong. It taught me that I cannot have all that I want. There should always be a priority. One must let go of something, so that other things could be done.

I’ve decided to focus on my job, but I guess the world is telling me that I should stick with my old routine. Both my father and mother started to get sick while I was working, and that meant I no longer had the free time I needed. Thus, I ended up quitting my job.

One week after my resignation, I felt the boredom of being stuck in the house. I’m still on the verge of recovering my online business, so there is nothing really much to do aside from being the chef and the dietitian of my father. So, I asked my friend Jeck to go with me to the Great British Festival in Bonifacio High Street last Feb 28.

This restaurant in Fort Strip serves all day breakfast!

After taking a lot of pictures from the festival, our tummies started to groan. We didn’t even think twice to try this famous breakfast café restaurant in Fort Strip – Early Bird Breakfast Club!

Jeck ordered Adobo Sunrise (P315). Adobo is a famous dish in the Philippines where soy sauce is the key ingredient. The Adobo Sunrise is basically flaked adobo topped with a sunny side up, hence the name. The dish wouldn’t be that delicious if it weren’t for the rice, because the adobo had a little too much vinegar in it.

The all-time favorite adobo is here to bring sunshine in your dining experience at this restaurant in Fort Strip

I ordered Sunny Salpicao (P325). The rice is absolutely the same as the one served with Adobo Sunrise, so I was really satisfied. Salpicao is a way of cooking beef with mushrooms sautéed in garlic. Early Bird Breakfast Club’s salpicao, however, uses chicken. I liked how it was seasoned the blend was just right.

The all-time favorite adobo is here to bring sunshine in your dining experience at this restaurant in Fort Strip

Jeck thought of bringing food for her dog Pringles, so she decided to take her leftovers home. Look how nice their box looks like!

Beautiful takeout pack at this restaurant in Fort Strip

If you want a large serving, surely this café is the perfect place for you, because we were shocked when the waitress served us large plates! With such huge servings, you really can’t argue about the price on their menu. The taste of the Adobo Sunrise needs to be tweaked a little, but other than that, the food is great. The place is like a church. Even if the restaurant is full house, it still feels roomy, because the upper part is spacious. I hope I can thoroughly explain this. I just don’t like the yellowish lighting. The newspaper-inspired menu caught my attention, because it’s beautifully-designed! The service is also good since we were always attended to right away.

Visit Early Bird Breakfast Club, a restaurant in Fort Strip

Serving: 5/5
Taste: 4/5
Price: 5/5
Place: 3.5/5
Service: 5/5

Early Bird Breakfast address: GF Fort Pointe 2 Building, The Fort Complex, 28th St, Taguig, Kalakhang Maynila

Disclosure: I have not received any compensation for this post or any material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. Photo watermark is named after my old site.

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