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It’s been a very long time since I last went to Market! Market! that I already forgot how it looked like. The invitation I got from Ace from The Old Spaghetti House and Ross of Wazzup Pilipinas could not have been very timely as it was around the same time when Ramon Bautista caught unwarranted attention for his shrimp pun. Anyway, the invite I received was for The Shrimp Shack restaurant in Market! Market! and what my fellow bloggers and I were about to try are real shrimps waiting to be tasted!

A lot of restaurant in Market! Market! Has unique dishes to offer.

Shrimp Shack Starters

We started with the Shrimp Popcorn (P 195), which is simply a combination of breaded shrimp and popcorn. The dish looks great in photos, though! Meanwhile, I like the Tomato-Cheese Fondue (P 145) for it gives me that foodgasm. Blame the cheese. The Hawaiian Chicken Salad with Water Chestnuts (P 140), on the other hand, has ginger and it tasted off for me.

This restaurant in Market! Market! Has a variety of shrimp dishes to offer for diners.
Tomato-Cheese Fondue is so perfectly flavored at this restaurant in Market! Market!
If you want to have salad, The Shrimp Shack serves Hawaiian Chicken Salad!

Shrimp Shack Sandwiches

The Shrimp Po-boy Sandwich (P 185) seems to lack a certain ingredient, while the US Angus Cheese Burger (P 265) needs something to improve their patty. Nevertheless, I was happy with their thick fries!

This sandwich from one of the restaurants in Market! Market! To satisfy your sub craving!
Angus Beef that everyone loves will drop your mouth open here in one of the restaurants in Market! Market!

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Shrimp Shack Specialties

The buttery Shrimp Scampi Spaghetti (P 220) is delicious. Just a caution though, the shrimps are not totally peeled, so don’t be deceived. After all, the tag line of the restaurant is Suck. Peel. Eat. The tender meat of their Pot Roast Beef Belly (P 285) comes with mashed potato; however, I find the sauce quite bland. The sauce of US Angus Burger Steak Loko Moko (P 255) is more flavorful, but the patty needs to be better grounded. The Soy Glazed Chicken Barbecue (P 155) has a teriyaki hint to it. The Macaroni Salad (P 45) tastes mediocre.

Shrimp Shack Desserts

Surprisingly, their desserts are superb. The Apple Crisp ala Mode (P 130) comes in a sizzling plate of crumbles with slices of apples. It’s topped with Vanilla Ice Cream to cool down the palate! We also had a Butter Mud Pie (P 130). It’s a tempting voluminous butter pie topped with chocolate crumbs and oozing with chocolate sauce. God, their desserts are sexy!

A must-try dessert at this restaurant in Market! Market! is Apple Crisp ala Mode.
Looking for a big serving of dessert? This restaurant in Market! Market! has a large serving goos for 2 to 3.

The Old Spaghetti House and The Shrimp Shack is under the same company, which is why they share one kitchen only. The mural in the place and the Hawaiian polo shorts worn by the crew give off a beach-y vibe. The staff was friendly and accommodating. I’m guessing that the place can accommodate around 50-60 persons. Their servings are just enough for the price. Personally, I like the desserts, the Tomato-Cheese Fondue, the Scampi Spaghetti, and their well-blended Pineapple Iced Tea! On a serious note, though, I thought they would offer different flavors of shrimps as I thought that was what the restaurant’s name implies. However, they only have two ways of serving their shrimp—breaded and garlic-flavored. I know they are still going to continuously develop their menu, so This shouldn’t be a problem. In the mean time, let’s just suck, peel, and eat.

The Pineapple Iced of Shrimp Shack is very promising.

Ambiance: 4.5/5
Price: 5/5
Serving: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Taste: 3.5/5

Bloggers at the restaurant in Market! Market!

Shrimp Shack Address: G/F Market! Market! Bonifacio Global City

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