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We know that we’d find a Chinatown in almost every corner of the world, but did you know that the oldest Chinatown in history is located here in the Philippines? Yes, you got it right—I’m talking about the one in Binondo, Manila. It is definitely the place to answer the question, “where to go in Manila?”. I wouldn’t focus on blabbering about its history, but I will talk about what Binondo could offer us today. Megaworld Lifestyle Malls have launched a tour program for the public last May 10 at Lucky Chinatown Annex A. The tour starts at 11 AM. I got to experience it firsthand last May 3, though.

This tour will help people on where to go in Manila

Lucky Chinatown Annex A

Lucky Chinatown Annex A is similar to a tiangge where you could find stalls and bargain stuff. We started off the tour at the Botanical Herbal Hall.

Where to go in Manila for herbal medicine? Botanical Herbal Hall in Lucky Chinatown!

Botanical Herbal Tea

Botanical Herbal Tea is popular in Hong Kong and Singapore. Lo’5 Tea can help reduce phlegm and cough, Snow Pear Tea is said to improve eyesight, Maybloom Tea, on the other hand, comes from Myanmar and China which is good for lowering cholesterol. Meanwhile, Plum Tea helps improve digestion. These teas can last up to 1 month and can be served hot or cold. Moreover, the teas have no preservatives.

Tea drinks that are healthy that can be found in Lucky Chinatown

Lucky Chinatown Walk

Miao de Temple

We are taught about Buddhism at our next stop in Miao De Temple located in Lucky Chinatown Walk. The crowd got all interactive by lighting incense. We were asked to say our intentions and wishes by kneeling in front of the temple. I’ve learned that Buddhism is a religion of the mind founded by Siddharta Buddha who was born in Nepal.

Visit Miao de Temple in Manila’s Chinatown

Moreover, the temple is celebrating Vesak Day Celebration on May 13-14, 2014 from 10 AM to 8 PM where the final Nirvana of Buddha is observed on a full moon on the 4th lunar month.

Mr. Fast Foo

Staff from Mr. Fast Foo food stall handed us their Cua Pao made of shredded pork, Maki Mi—a slimy dish flavored with beef broth, and their Signature Lumpia that every vegetarian will love.

Don’t know where to go in Manila if looking for Chinese food? Here’s Mr. Fast Foo in Chinatown!

The next food stall is the Fu Dao Dumpling where they practice making dumplings by hand. Fu means ‘luck’ and Dao means ‘arrive’, so the store’s name technically translates to “may the luck be with you!” I like their Sate Seafood Noodles with Shrimp, because it is spicy and full of flavor (it just reminded me of Korea’s ramen). Meanwhile, the bland Taiwan Pechay is also in a Sate soup base which means the pechay was not a boring dish for me.

Fu Dao Shui Jiao

Where to go in Manila for Chinese food stalls? Visit Chinatown!

Cha Cha Food House

What Cha Cha Food House offered us is something that helps nurture our skin—the Pumpkin Cake! It taste like tikoy from the inside, but it’s crunchy on the outside. The wanton noodles have thicker noodles and their chicken was flavored with different spices.

Where to go in Manila for Pumpkin Cake? There’s Chacha Food House in Chinatown!

Phoenix Dragon

After feeling rather bloated from eating all that food, we had learned about a brief forecast regarding our Chinese zodiac signs at Phoenix Dragon. Some of the people had their charm bracelets cleansed to take away all the negative vibes. It was also said that although it may be the year of the wooden horse, the sign that is really lucky are the people born in the year of the sheep. This year’s element is fire, which means that several fire accidents may happen. There’s actually more to say but it would be better if you find out about it yourself.

Where to go in Manila for Feng Shui consultation? There’s a lot here in Chinatown.

Reflexion Studio

We’re all quite familiar about how rich the culture of the Chinese is when it comes to marriage. We headed next to Reflexion’s Studio. Chinese people are accustomed to announcing their engagement on newspapers. Pregnant, newly-engaged couples, and newly-wed couples are not allowed to attend. According to their sayings, this will keep them from snatching each other’s luck.

Where to go in Manila: Chinatown

Lucky Chinatown Mall

Rainbow Snow

After enduring the scorching heat while walking on Chinawalk, we had a refreshing treat from Rainbow Snow! This time, we are already inside Lucky Chinatown Mall. Rainbow Snow offers Chocolate Snow and Mixed Berry Snow flavor. The blocks of ice are already flavored, so that when crushed, it may already be served.

If you want to freshen up from the scorching heat, where to go in Manila? There’s Rainbow Snow in Chinatown to go to!

Wellness Sanctuary

After that, we paid attention to our well being at Wellness Sanctuary with our choice of 15-minute acupuncture, tui na (massage), or fish spa session. I chose the acupuncture. It did not hurt that much. I just don’t know why it has to be placed in the ears. Acupuncture has different responses to every individual. For some, it makes them calm or could stir up emotions. The needles help people to “feel” again. Strange, isn’t it? After a day, I had this weird feeling inside me. I guess I really need some poking from those needles.

Where to go in Manila for wellness?

Tao Yuan Restaurant

Of course, the final blow is another set of food. This time, we went to Tao Yuan Restaurant! The welcome drink we had was Melon Shake. The Hainan Chicken with Chicken Rice is a good combo because the flavors are infused with one another – they are fully dependent with each other. The presentation is very unique to my eyes. Agree? On the other hand, this innovative dish that they have is a must-try. It is so delicious. I am referring to their Mango Lapu-Lapu. The pansit canton is what they call the delicious birthday noodles! It is special, because its broth comes from steamed chicken and spare ribs.It is also my first time to try sago with mangoes on their dessert, Mango Sago.

If you don’t know where to go in Manila when you are looking for a Chinese restaurant, visit Tao Yuan Restaurant.

Sorry, I tried to be as brief as I can, but this food and culture tour is brimming with activities. In a span of 4-5 hours, this is where your P888.00 would take you. You can buy tickets at the Lucky Chinatown Concierge or the Eastwood Mall Concierge. Hurry now for it only runs on May 10, 24, 31 and on June 7, 2014.

Jam of, RJ Ledesma, Jam (yours truly), Irene of Manila Bulletin

Thanks again to Sir RJ Ledesma for the invitation and for a dynamic tour. By the way, there would be an upcoming Mercato in May 24, 2014 at 11 AM in Lucky Chinatown Walk. Chinatown just keeps coming better!

Lucky Chinatown Address: Reina Regente St, Binondo, Manila, 1006 Metro Manila

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but not swayed to write positive review. Photo watermark is named after my old site.

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