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My college friends and I initially planned to visit Subic. However, we were worried since the weather was too bad on the day we scheduled our visit. We looked for things to do in Pasig even when it’s raining. After long conversation threads on Facebook, we decided to visit an indoor zoo instead. But, as you may very well know how weather can be too moody, the sun shone on the day of our visit to the zoo, the day when we were all bundled up in our cardigans, boots, and long sleeves. Yep, our OOTDs were basically out of place. Thank you, weather.

Anyways, the Ark Avilon Zoo is inspired by Noah’s Ark. Bible-reading people know that Noah has saved a lot of animals by letting them inside the ship he has made.

Wondering what are the possible things to do in Pasig? Visit Ark Avilon Zoo!

Ark Avilon Zoo First Floor

Feed school of fish - things to do in Pasig

As we entered the place, we were already allowed to interact with the animals by feeding them. Of course, there’s a certain fee when you feed one and when you take a picture with it side by side. You can see fish, birds, and wild animals mostly on the first floor. This floor is where you will also find Jenny the orangutan who is really tame.

one of the few things to do in Pasig: interact with the birds in Ark Avilon Zoo
It’s not everyday in the city of Pasig that you will see a jaguar yawning.
Things to do in Pasig: See a wolf genus mammal!
Eagles that look so calm in Avilon Zoo, Pasig.
Things to do in Pasig: Feed coy
coy fish
bear cat you can feed Ark Avilon Zoo
bear cat
Things to do in Pasig: Take a video of Makaw bird
Things to do in Pasig: Feed coy
coy fish
Things to do in Pasig: talk to this curious white tiger
white tiger
This bird has more eyelashes than I do, I think. Be amazed here in Ark Avilon Zoo, Pasig.
I’ve encountered horn bill before when I visited Davao Crocodile Park. Finally, I got to take a photo of its eyelashes. Let’s put mascara on those lashes, perhaps? Kidding!
orangutan photo opportunity

Ark Avilon Zoo Second Floor

The animals on the second floor were mostly harmless like donkeys, goats, rabbit, guinea pigs, etc. Moreover, we also saw aerial animals that cannot take flight by flapping their wings. More importantly, there was a childre’sn section where tables and chairs are available.

Things to do in Pasig: Let the day be different to your kids by visiting this children area in Ark Avilon Zoo!
white pony
Things to do in Pasig: take a picture of this goat
Ark Avilon Zoo the lonely donkey
Things to do in Pasig: go visit this indoor zoo in the Philippines

I believe that Ark Avilon Zoo is the only indoor zoo in the Philippines. Thank God we can still visit a place without getting too bothered by the weather. However, the place could be a little humid. Also, P300 is quite pricey for me, but from the looksof how they took care of the animals, I can say that the fee is just enough to ensure the comfort of the animals living there. To end this post, let me share with you these epic photo ops of my friends with Jenny the orangutan and Tyson the phyton. Lol

Ark Avilon Zoo address: Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue, corner C5, 1604, Pasig City

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Photo watermark is named after my old site.

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