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I’ve always been curious about going to a wax salon ever since I learned about it from my college friends back when we were still in university. I don’t know if I am just really a late bloomer, or if it’s just normal to try underarm waxing at 23. I grew tired of shaving and plucking my underarm hair, making underarm waxing a monthly habit of mine. I tried the UA wax service from other skincare salons, yet I find most of them unsatisfying because the hair grows faster. With this in mind, my friends recommended that I try this wax salon instead.

I’ve been a regular customer of Lay Bare until I decided to try their Brazilian wax. I am quite scared because I know it is painful and the first time is always terrifying yet somehow exciting. However, for the love of beauty, I had to give this one a shot. By the way, they also offer packages that you might want to check out:

Package 1 (includes Brazilian, full legs, underarms, eyebrows)
Women: P 1,150
Men: P 1, 320

Package 2 (includes Brazilian, half legs, underarms, eyebrows)
Women: P 960
Men: P 1, 150

Package 3 (includes bikini, full legs, underarms, eyebrows)
Women: P 950
Men: P 1, 150

Package 4 (includes bikini, half legs, underarms, eyebrows)
Women: P 1,150
Men: P 1, 320

If you just want a particular spot you want to get waxed, here are the prices:

Eyebrow threading Female 110 Male 110
Upper lip 110 140
Lower lip 110 170
Face 170 220
Underarms 170 220
Arms 280 330
Chest 280 500
back 280 500
Bikini 280 330
Brazilian 500 550
Half legs 330 400
Full legs 550 600
Full body 1650 2200

The wax that Lay Bare uses is a cold wax jelly. Cold wax jelly is made of all-natural ingredients, so it’s safe for extra sensitive skin. Moreover, the products that they use are especially made for the company. The cold wax is sugar-based so it leaves skin smooth and removes dead skin cells. The product they use is different from the one used by a waxing salon I previously tried, because the latter uses a popsicle stick and a white liquid to wax the hair off. Moreover, the product feels hot on my UA.

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Going back to my Lay Bare experience, the first thing that the attendant would do to your underarm is remove your deodorant. For the Brazilian wax, she will let you wash your precious gem in their comfort room. After that, she will put a loose powder to the area of your gem, so that the wax will not directly stick to your skin. Next, the attendant will use a cold wax and pull the hair repeatedly using her hands with cold wax. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to hygiene here since attendants use hand gloves.

How was the pain? Well, removing the hair from my pits was almost painless, as of nothing happened. However, my first time Brazilian wax was as painful as I could imagine! The taking out the hair from the upper part is more painful than the lower part. Don’t worry, you can tell the attendant to stop for awhile if you can no longer handle the discomfort. When you are done waxing, she will put soothing oilon your precious gem. The session for UA and Brazilian wax service lasted for 1 hour and I sort of felt sore, lol. Good thing I was wearing a skirt and not a pair of denim shorts or pants.

The attendant told me some reminders, too. According to her, I should avoid scrubbing for two days, refrain washing for the next 4 hours, and apply a moisturizer on my precious. After that, I felt flawless like a baby. The place has about four or five rooms, all are clean and well-arranged. The branch in Centris Quezon Avenue is a franchise. The Lay Bare branches located in leading malls are fully owned by Lay Bare. Nevertheless, both branches and franchises offer the same prices. The price is not hefty and the service is excellent. I was able to chat with the attendant and she accommodated me well by patiently asking questions. “Tiis-ganda” is so worth it.

A clean waxing salon in the Philippines
A wax salon in Quezon City, Eton Centris
When you see hair, it’s time to Lay Bare, a wax salon in Quezon City

Lay Bare address: Unit 4B2, G/F, Eton Centris Walk, EDSA corner Quezon Avenue QC

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