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Are you like me that whenever I feel so low, I want to be in a place so high and take the leap? Lol, it’s not suicide. To be in a high place is refreshing, right? It’s like you exist only to feel freedom and happiness.

The panoramic view on the other side of Kokol Haven Resort.

Kokol Haven Resort is a Kota Kinabalu tourist spot that has a perfect spot to watch the blue sky and the orange flares of the sun that prevails the whole city because it’s atop of the hill; 1,000 m above sea level. It is a newly established resort and the way going there is also zigzag and narrow but just 1 hour away from the city.

On the way there already pays the price because of the breathtaking view. Moreover, the way is steeper than the way to Kinabalu Park, I think. Again, we hired Fat for the Kinabalu Park and Kokol Haven Resort for RM600. This is a reasonable price because the way is going up.

You may be only on the way up to Kokol Haven Resort, but you already know that this Kota Kinabalu tourist spot is so worth it.

Kokol Haven Resort Restaurant

There’s an entrance fee of RM 10 but a free drink comes to that. So we enjoyed while waiting because the scenery is really majestic even if it’s not sunset yet.

We arrive around 4 PM and the sun is still soaring high yet the wind is really cool.

We arrived around 4 PM and the sun is still soaring high yet the wind is really cool.

The picture could not describe how beautiful the view is in actual. This is one of the best Kota Kinabalu tourist spots!

Kokol Haven Resort Rooms

The resort has function rooms, room accommodation, nipa hut which I guess is also for an accommodation, and of course the overlooking al fresco dining area which is divided into three. Kids can freely play in the bermudagrass.

This Kota Kinabalu tourist spot also has room accommodation.

Kokol Haven Resort Garden

Not just a Kota Kinabalu tourist spot, but Kokol Haven Resort is also a good place to hold your wedding ceremony and reception.
Kokol Haven Resort has not been known to be a Kota Kinabalu tourist spot until recently.

There’s also this small bridge that opted you to strike a pose.

Kokol Haven Resort Sunset

After having endless conversations, kidding around with our shy type tour guide, appreciating the beauty of the country and the disciplinary virtue and very friendly manner of Malaysians, we got more captivated by the ravishing city as the sun sets.

If you can’t climb Mount Kinabalu, you can still have the chance to have a sunset scene in this Kota Kinabalu tourist spot – Kokol Haven Resort!

The scene is very surreal…. it’s in that moment you can finally say “I love Sabah.” Well, I also hope I’m with someone special while having that moment. Hahaha!

So if you are a foreign traveler and need help to reach there, you may call Fatridzen’s tour service. Reach him here:
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Kokol Haven Resort address: Km10 Jalan Menggatal, Kota Kinabalu 88450, Malaysia

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Photo watermark is named after my old site.

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