Anguib Beach, Cagayan (Travel)

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The sea touching the sand
The sea touching the sky
The picture looked perfect
Freedom and silence is what it gives

Anguib Beach is one of the resorts in Cagayan Valley tourist spots that is in the remote area.

But the sky is unreachable
The sea is unending
A bitter truth that it always meets
but being together will never be

That’s just how people are s wrong
Doesn’t mean that it looked perfect means it’s complete
Doesn’t mean it has everything means it doesn’t need anything
Sometimes, it’s the simplest thing is all that makes us fulfilling

After going to Cape Engaño, the boatmen lead us to an area of Anguib Beach where there is no entrance fee. Anguib Beach is one of Cagayan Valley tourist spots. However, Bhing wanted us to transfer in a much better place. As we transferred, embarked to a new resort and laid our beach mats, there’s a guy who approached us and asked for an entrance fee of P100.

Anguib Beach has a white fine sand and this Cagayan Valley tourist spot is known as the Boracay of the North.

Anguib Beach is a place to look for if you want white fine sand, a reason that it’s named the Boracay of the North. The water is crystal clear. Danicca was so happy like a kid when she saw a school of fish. On the other hand, the humility of Anguib is the exact opposite of Boracay’s sociable and crowded environment.

Anguib Beach with Friends

Because this place is not commercialized, the elders already informed us to bring our own food. As we roamed around, there’s a group whom I think shares the same age as us, exploring the beauty of the beach through the drone. As I have observed, they are also having a great time in the tranquility of the place.

so effin true

Aside from the cottages (P500), there are also tents (P800) but I forgot to take a picture. It’s a place to stay overnight because there are no hotels available.

We only had a problem when we finished beaching. The shower is not well-maintained because there’s an insufficient water supply. To be honest, we were grumping at the beginning because we paid an entrance fee but this. Then, we just laughed about when we went out in the shower room with our shampoos and soaps all over our body.

And I had sepanx as I took this picture before leaving the beach. Oh, good times!

Anguib Beach Dawn

Santa Ana, Cagayan, Philippines

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