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My high school friend, DK, chose Nadai Fujisoba to have dinner at this Japanese restaurant in SM Aura because her brother who is based in Japan recommended this restaurant. According to her brother, he has not tried all of the Japanese restaurants here in the Philippines but of all the restaurant he dined in here, Nadai Fujisoba’s food has the closest taste like the one offered in Japan.

The Difference Between Udon and Soba

So I wasn’t aware of the difference between udon and soba. So for people like me who do not know any of this, well… udon is a thick wheat flour while soba is thinner and made of buckwheat flour.

I ordered horensou soba (P200). It has fish flakes, spinach, onion leeks and wakame seaweed. I was craving for a fish that time so I ordered this. However, while eating I feel like I was eating too much leafy dish so I would recommend you to try other varieties like what Cojie and DK ordered.

Looking for a Japanese restaurant in SM Aura that is close to authentic?

Cojie and DK both ordered Niku Fuji but the other is soba and the other is udon. Let me show the pictures to spot the differences.

Here is niku fuji soba and..

A soba noodle at a restaurant in SM Aura

here is the niku fuji udon.

an udon noodle at a restaurant in SM Aura

Niku Fuji has a sliced beef, half boiled egg, onion leeks, and wakame seaweed.

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Their gyudon (P100) is delish!

Gyudon at a restaurant in SM Aura

You can also try Sumo Sam’s Gyudon!

It’s a Japanese restaurant but I find the price cheaper among others I tried plus the serving is enough to fill your tummy. The service is also good because the waitress kept us well-informed about they are offering. Lastly, the noodles is freshly made and the flavor is lighter. I would love to come back here to try their cold noodles!

Price: 5/5
Serving: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Taste: 4.5/5

Nadai Fujisoba Address: SM Aura Premier, 4th Floor Food Court Area, McKinley Pkwy, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila

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