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I knew Cloud 9 from my college block mate who used to live in Rizal. Cloud 9 is a best-suggested place on where to go in Antipolo if you want an overlooking experience of metro’s city lights. During my college years, it was on my list that I should set foot there. While college days were a fun and light ride, students were doomed to finish their papers for a lot of courses and I was no exemption. The goal of going in Cloud 9 was buried in oblivion and five years had passed to this present day that my wish came true unexpectedly.

My UP friends and I (the only Thomasian in this circle) went last year to Tagaytayunscheduled and it was fantastic. We really had a good time talking about life while looking at the picturesque view of Taal and munching our pizza. This year of April 18, they planned to visit Antipolo Church and, I suggested maximizing our time by going to Cloud 9! When we visited the church, there was a wedding so we just prayed silently on our own, lit a candle and went to the second floor to see the image of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage.

After that, we headed to Cloud 9! Here is the steep road going up.

Don’t know where to go in Antipolo?

Cloud 9 Restaurant

It was 5 pm when we arrived and we’re so famished! There is no other restaurant around but only the Cloud 9 Restaurant. The spacious restaurant is not air-conditioned but it’s alright for we are at the top of the world so an aircon is not really necessary.

If you are looking for a restaurant with a good view in Antipolo, visit Cloud 9 Restaurant.
Definitely people keep coming in here at this restaurant in Antipolo

Cloud 9 Restaurant Overlooking View

We were taking pictures of the sight right after the waiter took our order. If my memory serves me right, these were the conversations we said when we saw the amusing view of the city. We were trying hard to take its moment by taking pictures, but it is the moment taking us because…

“Shet ang ganda! Kaso di ko makuha yung gusto kong makuha(litrato)”

Where to go in Antipolo if you want to have quality time with friends or family?

“Kasi di lahat ng nakikita mo makukuha mo.”

definitely a worthy place to go in Antipolo!

“May mga bagay talaga na mga mata mo lang ang makakakita.”

If you don’t know where to go in Antipolo to dine and relax, visit Cloud 9 Restaurant.

“Kaya enjoyin mo na lang kung ano yung meron ngayooooooon.”

Eating at Cloud 9 Restaurant pays the price with this ravishing overlooking view in Antipolo.

“Real na real! Dan-dan-dan, dalandan”

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Cloud 9 Restaurant Food

Our Filipino dish has arrived. Our 4 rice, Kare-Kare and the Liempo were served on our table and I couldn’t complain to their food because it was delightful. I believe they serve beers. More and more people are coming in as the night creeps in transforming the lonely afternoon into a vivacious evening. By the way, our bill to our food was P 700+.

The Kare-Kare of Cloud 9 Restaurant completes the happiness of dining in with a good cityscape view of Metro Manila.
Liempo does not come to last in our list to satiate our hungry tummy without knowing where to go in Antipolo, exactly.

Cloud 9 Displays

The parking and the restaurant have no barrier so you can literally see the people who are coming in. There were some antique displays which make me feel like the place is an extension of Cubao X.

Where to go in Antipolo for antique displays to look at?

Cloud 9 Hanging Bridge

After that, we decided to climb the 360 View by the use of the hanging bridge! The watcher asked us if we’re a guest and we said a yes. After giving the receipt we had in the Cloud 9 Restaurant, we conquered our fear with the swaying bridge.

This hanging bridge in Cloud 9 is sure one of the simple yet best experience if you are looking for a place to visit in Antipolo

It was terrifying and exciting at the same time because it’s already dark and the breeze had gotten stronger and cooler as we continue climbing the top. There were full of shouts and screams especially that one of us backed out. Lol. Anyway there’s an easier way going to the 360 View by entering the gates of 7th Heaven and my other friend chose that way.

7th Heaven is a safe place for people who are afraid to try the hanging bridge in Cloud 9 Antipolo.

For the one’s left who chose the hard way… as we reached the middle of the bridge… Boom! There were fireworks bursting in its colors on our right side like it was cheering us for conquering the half of the bridge. (Thank you Rea for the effort of taking the photo. Hahaha!)

Where to go in Antipolo?

Truth is, while we were trekking on the steep road, we saw a romanticized area on the front area of Cloud 9. We were thinking that it could be the reception area of the bride and the groom that were exchanging vows earlier in Antipolo Church. Anyway, thank you for the perfect timing newly weds. (big grin) Best wishes.

After that, everything went trouble-free and the next thing we know, we were already on the flat surface, mesmerized by the 360 View. We looked for our spot to hang out for a long while and Robin played music from her iTouch.

“Sobrang relaxing. Ang sarap ng parang wala kang ibang iniisip. Dito na lang tayooooo. Ang liliit ng sasakyan, parang langgam.”

“Alam kaya ng mga mga taong yan na paulit-ulit lang yung ginagawa nila?”

“Oo nga eh. Kakasawa kaya. Wala ka namang ibang choice.”

Where to go in Antipolo to see the beautiful cityscape of Metro Manila?

“Who are we? Just a speck of dust within the galaxy?” – Adam Levine

“Huy anong iniisip mo, parang ang lungkot mo. Share naman!”

“Finally, Ariel happen to me.”

Where to go in Antipolo to love the life and the city?

Cloud 9 Sports and Leisure Club address: Bgy. Sta. Cruz, Sumulong Hwy, Antipolo, 1870

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