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Early Bird

It was 3:30 in the morning and all I can ever hear is the blowing wind to my ears. The air was getting cooler as my cousin who was driving the motorbike picked up speed. The hotness of the coffee we had in McDo Tagbilaran had no long effect; I was having chills even if I was a back ride, him as a human shield.

The Long Dark Ride

The buildings and the houses vanished in our sight in a span of one hour. Five hours before that, my cousin picked me up to the hotel I was staying. Then, we had beers along with other cousins in one of the famous Bohol tourist spot at night.

visiting a Bohol tourist spot, Panglao Island, before going to Sea of Clouds

Right now it was only the two of us in the middle of darkness in Bohol in chase of the Sea of Clouds in Danao. I think we were in Balilihan or Catigbian town. It’s only the moon, the stars, and the headlight that lit our way and we’re surrounded by giant trees that made the air much cooler. I lifted my head up to see if they were moving and speaking like the ones from Lord of the Rings. Thank God heavens, they were not.

It’s fearful yet a sublime feeling – to be there at that moment and it was happening. Never will I experience this again in the year 2019 traversing a dark road sleepless for 23 hours in the pursuit of achieving to see the Sea of Clouds in Danao. I was sleepless because my flight got canceled and turned my 3D 2N to 2D 1N. What is sleep?

on the way to Sea of Clouds

Don’t Mind Those Who Bark but the Destination

Houses started to sprout on our sides and so the dogs who were the king of the road. There was one who was brave enough to chase us. As we went on, I knew we were getting nearer when the hills were towering us and fog blurred our vision. It’s already 5:20 as we reached this another Bohol tourist spots. We parked the motor on the entrance, peed, and bought water for the climb we will be doing.

The Climb

There is a family of Manilenyos who started their trek and we ran to them at the foot of the hill since the guide was joining them. As we reached the summit of the first hill, a faint light of pink painted the world. From here it’s already a breathtaking view.

Love at first sight at this Bohol tourist spot in Danao

While we were going to the second slope, there’s a view like the ones in Banaue Rice Terraces which we opted to strike a pose.

Sea of Clouds also has rice terraces view
Bohol tourist spot

The grasses were burned and the hill had a steeper climb going to the last spot. The carved stairs helped us to reach the summit easier. From there, we can see some Chocolate Hills view and of course a much wider perspective of the sea of clouds.

check out the people atop the hill; we’re coming for you soon

Want to explore other parts of Visayas? Cebu is just one ferry away and try the canyoneering adventure in Badian, Cebu and Osmeña Peak for hiking.

A Reason for Everything

As this occurrence is a natural phenomenon, going here is merely a stroke of luck. The lady at the entrance where we paid P25 per head, told us that the clouds were much thicker that day than the day before that. Maybe that’s the reason why my flight was canceled and not because of a bomb joke. As I feel like I’m closer to heaven, maybe God made a way for me to be satisfied with what I shall see. Sometimes disappointments of today can lead us into something better tomorrow.

a Bohol tourist spot where the natural phenomenon of sea of clouds formation
Check out this Bohol tourist spot in Danao, Bohol!

Time Passes by Quickly

The pink skies that turned orange to blue was a reminder of how time passed by quickly. My cousin and I sat on a wooden bench and the breeze of the wind and the warmth of the sun kissed our faces. With my cousin that I rarely get to bond because we grew up and grew apart, here I was spending every minute of it with him from laughing to reflecting the lives we love and hate. Damn, I was glad I did not exchange this moment for a sleep. “Natutuwa akong hindi ko pinagpalit ang sandaling ito para sa isang tulog.” Then suddenly I got a text message from my mom who reminded me that we’re chasing time – we needed to go to another town to meet the relatives on her side. What the fork, how I wish I can stop the damn clock for precious time as this.

as the day unfolds in our very eyes at this tourist spot in Bohol
talk about life while you are at this tourist spot in Bohol - a rare memory to hold on forever

Address: Buenavista – Carmen – Danao – Jetafe Rd, Danao, Bohol

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