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The underground river in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, known as the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, features various rock formations. These formations include stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and flowstones, among others. The formations are created over thousands of years through the deposition of minerals carried by water dripping from the cave ceiling and flowing over the cave floor. These geological formations contribute to the stunning beauty and uniqueness of the underground river, making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

Underground River Pre-Tour Tips

  1. To ensure your first day of the tour includes the Underground River Tour, consider booking a flight that allows your agency to pick you up from the airport very early. In our case, we arrived at the airport at 6:40 AM, which was perfect timing as other tourists needed to get picked up from their accommodations.
  2. Puerto Princesa welcomes cruise ships, prioritizing tourists on board upon arrival. Cruise ship tourists pay about three times the price. They also have tighter schedules. Cruise ships visit Puerto Princesa 3-4 times a month, so it’s best to plan your tour on days when cruise ships aren’t arriving. How should you know? I’m not sure, either. Alternatively, your tour guide can adjust your itinerary to avoid crowds. Kudos to our tour guide who was able to manage our time to get there early or else our time slot will get pushed back.

Underground River Tour What to Bring and Wear

Swimming isn’t part of the Underground River tour, so you don’t need to bring swimwear. Opt for a sleeveless top or a dri-fit shirt for comfort. It’s wise to wear shorts since you might get your below-the-knee pants wet when disembarking from the boat. If you have aqua shoes, they’re perfect, but waterproof sandals are also suitable. To protect your phone, bring along a waterproof phone case for peace of mind.

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Underground River Puerto Princesa: The Tour

Sabang Beach serves as the departure point for the underground river tour. Our tour began around 10:30 AM, and the people we traveled with in the van also joined us on the boat as we entered the cave. We’re about 10. They provided us with audio devices synchronized with the attractions inside, ensuring a quiet and enjoyable experience.

Make sure your audio device is functioning properly while at the takeoff point to avoid disruptions during the tour. Else, the boat has to go back to fix your device.

During the tour, the guide skillfully points out rock formations that resemble familiar objects like garlic, cucumber, mushroom, banana blossom, and more. These associations not only enhance appreciation but also add an element of fascination to the experience. Particularly captivating are figures resembling a cathedral, the holy family, and even the face of Jesus.

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In the midst of all this beauty, a strong feeling of spirituality comes alive. The peaceful atmosphere, with the soft sound of dripping water and a gentle breeze, makes you want to think deeply about things. When the light shines on the cave walls, it creates magical shadows that add to the mysterious feeling. This moment in the underground river tour is something many visitors, including myself, will always remember.

The Underground River tour lasted for 45 minutes, culminating in a figurative “light at the end of the tunnel.” As we headed back, I noticed that most of the boats going in were filled with Europeans, leading me to assume that they were from cruise ships. We were probably just a minute ahead of them before they arrived.

Photo souvenirs are available for purchase at P200 each. After the tour, we enjoyed a buffet lunch included in the package at Gusto Grill and Resto. If you want to try tamilok or ‘woodworm,’ which I’ve tried, is surprisingly sweet, priced at 4 pieces for 100 pesos.

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Activities Near Underground River Tour

Apart from the Underground River Tour, you can also try the following as it is near the area:

  • Sabang X Zip line – ₱550.00/pax
  • Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour – ₱350.00/pax
  • Ugong Rock Adventures – ₱300.00 to ₱550.00 /pax

I believe that you should tell this to your agency beforehand so they can already have that arranged for you.

Call it a Day

After lunch, which is about 1 PM, we went to our accommodation at Royal Parc Hotel early for some rest, preparing for our Honda Bay Tour the next day. You may check the itinerary of our Puerto Princesa 3D 2N tour package.

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