Puerto Princesa City Tour, Palawan (Travel)

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A city tour in Puerto Princesa offers a delightful exploration of the capital city of Palawan, Philippines. Known as the “City in a Forest” due to its lush greenery and environmental conservation efforts, Puerto Princesa combines urban charm with natural beauty.

City Tour Puerto Princesa Tips

If you arrive at the airport before lunch, you can opt for a city tour on your first day. However, I personally don’t recommend this since we love to buy ‘pasalubongs’ or souvenirs, including food consumables that might expire before leaving Puerto Princesa.

Book a late flight if you plan to avail of the half-day city tour on your last day. For example, a 7:20 PM departure time would be ideal.

If you want to save money, visit the ‘palengke’ or market to buy souvenirs.

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Tribal Village & Butterfly Garden

Our tour guide explained the Palawan map, and I was quite impressed that every place in Palawan has something unique to offer.

This is where we also saw the Palawan peacock, an endemic species. Compared to other peacocks, the Palawan peacock, locally known as “tandikan,” is small.

Here, I also saw the leaf insect and millipede.

From the name itself, “Tribal Village,” one gets a glimpse into the traditional way of life of indigenous tribes in Palawan. Just when you thought they were the same people demonstrating their culture, you’re mistaken. Different families would come to the city to share their culture with us. It was truly an honor to meet them. We witnessed them playing instruments, hunting, lighting fires using flintstones, and performing rituals. This immersive experience provides insight into the customs, beliefs, and cultural practices passed down through generations.

We bought feather earrings and “sage” in this tourist spot. This is also where you can buy civet coffee for P1,500, cheaper than in Davao, as they told us.

@9jammoves watch the ingenous tribe playing instruments, hunting, lighting fires using flintstones, and performing rituals. #palawan ♬ sonido original – armando013

Mitra’s Ranch

Mitra’s Ranch is a scenic hilltop estate offering panoramic views of Puerto Princesa and its surroundings, named after former Philippine Senator Ramon Mitra. My mother met an albino horse here. We didn’t get inside the house as there is a fee not included in the tour package.

mitra's ranch | ninjammoves

Baker’s Hill

Baker’s Hill is a charming bakery and theme park known for its delicious pastries, picturesque gardens, and whimsical sculptures. We bought hopia at their bakery, took a picture with a very big teddy, and roamed around this quite huge park.

baker's hill | ninjammoves

Binuatan Creations

Binuatan Creations offered us an opportunity to experience weaving. Beside it was a souvenir shop where you could buy table linen and other handmade crafts. I regret not buying any of the woven souvenirs.

Puerto Princesa Baywalk

Puerto Princesa Baywalk is a scenic seaside promenade offering stunning views of the bay and featuring food stalls, restaurants, and recreational areas.

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Plaza Cuartel

Plaza Cuartel is a historical site that serves as a reminder of World War II, with ruins of an old garrison and a memorial to American soldiers who perished during the war.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral

Our last stop, Immaculate Conception Cathedral is a beautiful church known for its intricate architecture and religious significance to the local community.

immaculate concepcion | ninjammoves


This city tour provided a glimpse into Puerto Princesa’s culture, history, and natural wonders, making it a memorable experience for travelers exploring this enchanting city. The city tour was just a half-day tour, but it was very informational.

And that’s it. My mom, aunt, and godmother had to catch their night flight filled with so many good memories visiting Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Whereas for me, my friend and I will be heading to El Nido next!

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