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There are people we meet in our lives we wouldn’t think to become part of one of the most memorable stories we will tell. With a stereotype mindset where I would only have a professional relationship with officemates, never have I thought to be in a beautiful place as Coron with any of them and now I’m glad I did.

Coron is one of the best tourist destination in the Philippines.

Many have said that it’s not the place but who you are with that makes it beautiful and it’s true. The perception of beauty is the effect of how we feel things and how we value things. How we see beauty is how we view the world. I’m happy that I have shared my time with my officemates turned friends the beauty of Coron tourist spots that few of the 7.5 billion people in the world have seen or will see.

Have a vacation with your friends in Coron tourist spots

From the Coron Town Tour my officemates and I had on our first day, we booked another tour from Calamian Island Travel and Tours a Coron Island Tour on our second day for P1,600/$31. Left with awe from the overlooking view of Coron from our first tour, I did not expect much more charm to see except just a water adventure for the day. Boy, I was wrong. Coron is beautiful even in its deepest ocean.

Kayangan Lake

A 30-minute boat ride from Lualhati Park and a 300 plus flight of stairs to climb is a sight to behold. Probably the most photographed view from the tourists is Kayangan Lake. We came around 10 AM finding ourselves in line waiting for our turn at this spot. The people in front of us took a while to capture photos so the line started to get longer. Nevertheless, just looking at this picture of mine with a backdrop of rock formation and the turquoise water surrounded by it tells me that the wait was worth it.

The entrance at Kayangan Lake
Rock formation and clear blue water of Kayangan Lake
The breathtaking view of Coron

There’s also a cave in the summit.

a cave in Kayangan Lake

As we went down, my friends and I already started swimming at they said brackish water – a combination of sea salt water and fresh water. The water is clean and clear with the school of needlefish swimming along with us. Rock formation can be seen underwater.

Dorking with my friends while having a Coron island tour

Warning: The lifeguards warn people to always wear their life jackets even when the tourists know how to swim because of the past incident report who pushed their limit from freediving and had a shallow water blackout. Also, when not using the goggles, place it around the neck and not around the head. In my case, I placed my goggles like a hairband that when I swam it went deep to the floor. Thanks to our tour guide, Clinton, for having it back or else I will pay P2,500.

Tour guide who saved my goggles

Balinsasayaw Coral Garden

I have seen corals from Boracay but the coral garden of Coron mesmerized me. The corals and the fish is like from the cartoon movie, Finding Nemo, come into life right before my eyes that comes in different colors and shapes. Nemo and Dory are there, too.

Coron tourist spots, snorkeling at Balinsasayaw

video credit to JB Uy

Staying in the Philippines for a little longer? Why don’t you try to another Philippines’ best tourist spot – Moalboal, Cebu

Beach ‘91

Buffet inclusive of the price we paid for the tour awaited us here in Beach ’91. We were also serenaded while we were having the best seaside lunch for the day.

Coron tourist spots of Calamian includes lunch buffet at Beach '91
Coron tourist spots Beach '91 food
Eat and sing at Beach '91

Malwawey Reef

There are some corals in spikes that scared me it might wound my legs and blood will come then a shark will taste my blood and will swim beside me. These corals, in particular, look dead to me. I don’t know if that is supposed to be really grey-brown. The thought eluded me when I saw Clinton, our tour guide, took a very big seashell under the sea and lifted it up for us to see above the sea. He then returns it right after. There are sea urchins hiding in the corals then the colorful corals come to my sight again and wondered whether there are mermaids that will wave us hi. The corals here are many than the first coral garden we went to.


Coral reefs at Malwawey is very beautiful!

video credit to Justify Speaks

Skeleton Shipwreck

How I wish I have GoPro with me to take pictures of this beautiful mess.There are corals and fish at the skeleton ship. The water is clear and the sunken ship is pretty shallow. I can clearly see the shipwreck even if I did not go diving. This spot is also referred by the tour guides as the bubble spot because of the scuba divers who are looking closely in the ship. How I wished I know how to dive, know how to swim.

Skeleton Shipwreck

video credit to Juan Marko

Coron Youth Camp

We decided along with the other tourists whom we shared the boat that we’re pretty tired to go to Coron Youth Camp. It’s an island where you can go beach bumming. On the other hand, we idled in Starbucks in the midst of the sea.

If you find yourself in Puerto Princesa, don’t miss out on the serene experience of the Honda Bay Tour. The atmosphere there is all about unwinding and soaking up the laid-back vibes. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax, recharge, and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. From picturesque islands to crystal-clear waters, every moment on the Honda Bay Tour is a chance to let go of stress and simply chill.

credit to


Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Our tour guide called this Starbucks to put fancy in the sailing convenience store brought by the local sellers. They have snacks, in cans, ice candies. We ought to have beer coz why not!

Have beers at CYC Coron Island Tour
Cold beer in the middle of nowhere in Coron

Twin Lagoon

As our boat gallivanting from island to island, this is the last and the best! As we approached Twin Lagoon our eyes are already satisfied by the karst rock formation I’m sure each one of us has only seen those in the pictures before that moment. Phones are on hands to have their own captured copies.

Part of Coron Island Tour is having the chance to take a closer look at rock formations
Mesmerized by the natural beauty of Coron tourist spots

Going to Twin Lagoon is by luck. It must be a low tide to make the special activity done. First, we wore our life jackets and lie on our backs. Second, we formed a caterpillar by nipping the feet of another person to the armpits of another. Third, we relaxed and sang and enjoy the view. Fourth, our heart pounded as we across the tunnel maybe 10-12 inches distance from your face sharp rocks and barnacles. If it’s high tide, people may take the stairs instead but what’s the fun in that?

After that, we enjoyed swimming in the lagoon as the water temperature kept on changing. Amazing how the water from here has a mixture of cold and warm. The water is also brackish water – 70% freshwater and 30% sea salt.

Laugh like there are no tomorrow Coron tourist spots
Imagine you were floating and looking at the sky with a view of this magical karst rock formation on the side. The best Coron tourist spot!
Life vest saves the day

Warning: Do not go too far since there are jellyfish that may sting. I had tiny one around my ankle, totally unaware not until it got itchy after a week but the itch is gone out after three weeks. There’s still a little scar but no longer recognizable after 3 months.

Additional payments

Aqua shoes for rent – P150. If you have yours, better wear it than renting. Slippers or other aqua jelly shoes are not allowed.

Snorkeling gear for rent – P150. Take care of it, P2500 when lost.

Dry bag bought it for P300 in the market – tour guides won’t let you bring it when you’re in the water since the water will still get inside the dry bags.

Water casing for phones P150 bought in the market – best to protect your phone

About the tour guides

In our boat, there are 4 men who went along with us: one captain, one responsible for the anchor, one tour guide, and one diver.

Nice tourist guides in Coron

Leaving the city for a day of three I also left the worries I all had and give all the faith to Coron to bring me into elation. Self-doubt, stability, and success sometimes get us into our head that it sucks out all our energy. That day, I was happy that I sapped my energy not from the crawling negative thoughts but from the fun water adventure we had in the diverse world of Coron Island tour. I was happy that I recharged the energy of my soul. It’s a beautiful life. It’s a beautiful Coron. Coron the World, girls, girls!

Disclaimer: I am not being paid to write this review nor being swayed to provide a positive review. Thank you Michael for all the pics! Also thanks to Youtubers to their videos.

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