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Coron town tour is best recommended on your first-day tour since this will take only half of your day. Because the island is known for its preserved beauty, the Philippine locals and the foreigners of the land travel to Coron. If you have traveled from Manila by morning and will get to Coron by lunch or afternoon, you will still have the time to check in at your hotel, rest a bit, and wait for your van to arrive to have your Coron town tour for P700/$14. Calamian Islands Travel and Tour is one of the trusted Coron tourist spots provider.

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Coron Souvenirs and Gift Shop

There are lot of souvenir shops in town but this one has a lot of stuff to adore. Clothes, scarves, hat, home decorations, ethnic stuff, purse, jewelries, and of course food. They have all of it here. You can also rent GoPro at this store.

what's visiting Coron tourist spots without going to souvenir shops

Address: 252X+MW Coron Town Proper, Coron, Palawan

Lualhati Park

There is nothing much to see at Lualhati Park except the view of Sleeping Giant (mountain) and Mount Tapyas. Lualhati Park is also the place where boats are docked.

will you awake the Sleeping Giant in Coron?
Coron's Mount Tapyas chipped-off shape is clearly shown at this picture
the docking area of the boats in Lualhati Park

Lualhati Park Address: Coron Town Proper, Busuanga, Philippines

Mount Tapyas

Mount Tapyas is a mountain that has concrete stairs for the ease of people to climb the top. Mount Tapyas is the second tallest mountain in Busuanga and it has 722 or 724 steps, so bring a handkerchief, a fan, and water. Areas to strike a pose at are plenty and is also a great view of the sunset.

From the Tagalog word, “Tapyas”, meaning chipped off this mountain was ripped off from the bombs during the world war. The cross is the marking point to reach the summit so looking at this till it gets closer is half a taste of victory.

the grassy part in Coron

The victory is what happens when you have the 360 breathtaking view of the city, the sea, the mountain, the grass, the sunset.

a totally irresistible view to cherish in Coron tourist spots
living in the moment at Mount Tapyas

Maquinit Hot Spring

You would not want to miss this hot spring as Maquinit Hot Spring is one of the few hot springs in the world. It is best to have this bath after a sweaty trek from Mount Tapyas. The entrance closes at 7 PM but may stay until 8:30 PM and has an entrance fee.

the cottages of Maquinit Hot Spring

Maquinit Hot Spring is a man-made pool located between the hill and sea with surrounded mangroves. It is said that the water gets hot because of an inactive volcano underground. The first soak could be a challenge since its 40 degrees Celsius temperature. Despite that, the presence of mineral and Spirulina can help cure diseases.

the Maquinit Hot Spring in Coron

There is a bridge made of bamboo if you want to come closer to the sea for picture taking.

it's almost to get dark in Maquinit Hot Spring, but still the view is worth staring

Casoy Store

Casoy is the specialty of Coron. IF you are willing to spend money for cashew nuts, this is a recommended place.

San Agustin Church

A Catholic Church to visit in Coron. It’s founded in 1901.

A church in Coron

Before calling it a day beyond your tour package, you may finish the night by eating at Island Boy Grill. There are seafood served and if you want to have lobster for your night, Island Boy Grill has a lot; the lobsters are freshly displayed in their aquarium. What a beautiful day to be alive. #CoronTheWorld

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