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After enjoying a Puerto Princesa Tour for 3 days and 2 nights, my friend and I headed to El Nido. We departed Puerto Princesa around 6 PM and managed to reach our accommodation in El Nido past 11 PM. We stayed at Neela Tourist Lodge for 3 days and 3 nights, which was already part of a 4D 3N package.

Everything was arranged by the agency I discovered at SMX Travel Expo. I contacted them via Facebook, and half of the deposit was made online, while the other half was settled during the tour itself. I am not affiliated with them, but in case you want to check them out, here is Banayad Travel Services Facebook page.

El Nido has always been my dream destination, so I wanted to ensure the best possible experience!

Tour A Summary

The El Nido Tour A is a full-day island tour. This tour is primarily offered by agencies, so expect to join a group with many other tourists. I would say that the highlight here is the Big Lagoon, where you can explore by kayaking.

It’s nice to hang out at Secret Lagoon while you’re on a backfloat, as you’ll see the towering limestone formations around you. Payong-payong Beach is perfect for snorkeling because of the beautiful corals and colorful schools of fish. Shimizu Island is where you’ll have your lunch, and Seven Commando is just a laid-back beach where you can enjoy taking pictures and savor the last moments on its white sand before the tour ends.

I am not sure if I was just hangover but I felt like Tour A was a tiring tour. LOL! If you wanted to know more, continue reading.

Secret Lagoon

We started our El Nido Tour A at Secret Lagoon. It’s nestled within the stunning landscapes of El Nido. Our boat that day is quite big. Due to the presence of large corals, our boat couldn’t approach the shore as it might damage them. The 34 tour passengers have to either swim or ride a kayak to get to the shore.

As its name suggests, the Secret Lagoon is hidden away, accessible only through a small opening in the limestone cliffs. The narrow entrance reveals a hidden oasis of clear turquoise waters surrounded by towering cliffs and lush greenery.

We took a lot of pictures here because of its beautiful backdrop. It took a while to get inside the lagoon because there were people coming out, and those who wanted to enter had to wait for everyone inside to leave.

This reminded me of Coron’s Twin Lagoon. Truly the Philippines is breathtaking.

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Payong-Payong Beach

Payong-payong Beach offers a serene and unspoiled slice of paradise for travelers looking to escape the crowds. What we did here was snorkeling, and we saw a lot of beautiful corals. It’s truly an unspoiled part.

Shimizu Island

Shimizu Island is located in Bacuit Archipelago, located off the coast of El Nido in Palawan, Philippines. We had our stop here and had our lunch already prepared by the boat team!

We also had our lunch prepared by the boat team during our Tour A island hopping.

The island is named after a Japanese diver who discovered its underwater treasures. Its clear waters are teeming with vibrant marine life and colorful coral reefs, making it an ideal spot for snorkelers and divers to explore.

I wasn’t able to go down to the beach as it was already almost noon and I was really hungry too!

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Big Lagoon

Big Lagoon is a picturesque spot, with crystal-clear turquoise waters surrounded by towering limestone cliffs covered in lush vegetation.

Big Lagoon can be explored by kayak, so expect many tourists kayaking here! Once you’re on the kayak, you have the freedom to explore Big Lagoon on your own. The kayak is usually good for 2 people. If you have senior citizens with you, the tour guides will take care of kayaking.

We arrived at the place around 2 PM and probably went back around 3 PM. It was not a problem getting to the lagoon, but it became quite challenging to return to the boat as the current was against us.

There are also mangroves at the end of the lagoon that most people didn’t mind, until some Polish women and their tour guides were there hanging out and asked us if we wanted to take pictures as well. LOL.

Seven Commando

Seven Commando Beach was our last stop. It’s named after seven Japanese commandos who reportedly lived on the island after World War II.I swear the sand here is so white, but I was told that Papaya Beach has even whiter sand, which unfortunately was on the opposite side of where we were. In case you ask if you can take sand home from El Nido, the answer is unfortunately no. So just enjoy this very white sand while it’s in your sight.

The depth of Seven Commando Beach can quickly transition from knee-deep to neck-deep.

In addition to its natural beauty, Seven Commando Beach offers amenities such as beachside bars and restaurants where visitors can enjoy refreshing drinks and delicious seafood while taking in panoramic views of the surrounding seascape.

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