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Whenever we feel bloated from the meal, celebrating the happiest day of our lives or comforting ourselves from the dreadful day it’s been, the charm of the sweet food is irresistible.

Cakes, donuts, muffins, cupcakes, frozen yogurt, and ice cream there has been no stopping from exploring the world of dessert. Gelato, an Italian ice cream, has now embraced by Filipinos as it is known that it has less fat than the common ice cream.

Looking for a dessert in UP Town?
credits to Manila Creamery

More and more gelato stores keep on coming but there’s something special about Manila Creamery that we would totally adore.

The owners, Jason Go and Paolo Reyes, studied on how to make gelatos. Wow, this gelato could be really something special as they mastered it in Italy and they have opened their own dessert place in UP Town Center Quezon City.

A dessert in UP Town Center mastered in Italy

I was given a chance to taste the gelatos, thanks to Aldous. Here we go!

Of all the gelatos I tried, there are top three that won my heart. 1. Blueberry 2. Mango 3. Malagos Davao Chocolate.

The blueberry flavor is rich and creamy. I won’t get tired of its heavenly taste. Just looking at the swirls is mouth-watering.

This dessert in UP Town Center has blueberry gelato!

All the bloggers have one comment about the mango. It does not taste too sweet which makes it the crowd’s favorite.

Cannot stop myself from drooling with this dessert in UP Town.
credits to Shiela

Meanwhile, the Malagos Davao Chocolate has a subtle sweetness and some bitterness. It’s a taste that stays with you after your last bite. Oh I really love this three flavors.

Manila Creamery Malagos Davao Chocolate

Support this dessert in UP Town Center as they cater flavors from the Philippines!

For the other flavors I tried, the langka is like halaya. The kinder bueno has a nutty taste while the truffle mascarpone is sweet for my palate. From the taste of all of it, I can totally say that there are no artificial flavorings added.

While some of the ingredients are imported, it’s nice of the owners to introduce our local flavors. It’s not a usual thing we can taste langka, ube, etc in a gelato. At a price of P85 and P110, have a taste of this rich, dense and supreme homemade gelatos.

Manila Creamery address: UP Town Center

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but not enforced to write a positive review. Some photos are credited to Shie Captures.

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