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Filipinos absolutely love a buffet, unlimited calls & text, free refill, bottomless iced tea or simply anything that goes like forever. Because Pinoys buy such steal, Uncle Cheffy is offering the public an unlimited chicken and pork cracklings for only P 199 per person that comes with free 1 glass of iced tea. Come on over to this restaurant in Mckinley, Taguig!

If you are looking for a food near Venice Grand Canal restaurants, Uncle Cheffy is one of the best places to dine in.

The promo is good for 90 minutes per person only and the succeeding hours will be charged the same rate of P199+ per 90 minutes per person. Of course, no sharing, no leftover, and no take out. For those with leftover, a P300 will be charged to the person and taking it out is not still allowed.

Bagnet, Fried Chicken, and Roasted Chicken

We, bloggers, were given samples of bagnet, fried chicken and roasted chicken. IMO, I personally like the fried chicken more than the roasted one. Meanwhile, their bagnet is surely sinful yet the garlic fit into the meat assured us that we would not have that “putok batok” case; because garlic is known to lower blood pressure. So yeah, we could keep our health cool while consuming bagnet.

Uncle Cheffy offers bagnet, fried chicken and roasted chicken. If you find yourself craving for one while you are in McKinley, they are located in Venice Piazza Mall.

Uncle Cheffy Favorite Panizza

Just when we thought that we’d only dine there for their chicken and bagnet, the Uncle Cheffy Favorite panizza (P139) and the alfalfa were served to us. Oozing with cheese (which I couldn’t identify what type) and also topped with mushroom, anchovies, basil, and tomatoes, this panizza is certainly a favorite, except that there’s a burnt part served in our table. What I didn’t know about panizza is that the alfalfa should be spread over to the panizza and roll it. I must say awesome!

This restaurant in McKinley is much known for serving panizza

Italian Leche Flan

Desserts were also dished up to us. The Italian Leche Flan (P 130) is not too sweet, which is very favorable to me.

Desserts are also offered at this restaurant in McKinley.

Cheffy Cheesecake

They also offered Cheffy Cheesecake (P 130). From what Shiela and I have identified the layers of the cake, the bottom is like crushed cookies, next is the cream cheese, next is the chocolate filling, and on the top is like custard cake. Whether devouring the cake layer by layer or trying the layer in one bite, Cheffy Cheesecake is very admirable. You would not have that “umay” feeling but surely water is still needed.

Uncle Cheffy that has a branch restaurant in Mckinley boasts this dessert that is rich in flavor.

Uncle Cheffy is a bit a casual restaurant but the prices on their menu is affordable in my opinion. It is only my second time dining in at Uncle Cheffy and to be honest, I appreciate this visit than before. The interiors are also nice and creative. I don’t quite like the lightings, though. The service staff is also polite and friendly; I accidentally talked to them a couple of times compared to the food events I attended. So, to sum it up, here’s my score:

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Price: 5/5
Serving: 5/5
Taste: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Ambiance: 4.5/5

Come visit this restaurant in McKinley that has a cozy ambiance.

Visit last August 17, 2015.

East Meets West Panizza

After having our meeting in Lazada, Shiela and I went to Uncle Cheffy again to try another kind of panizza – East Meets West junior P168. This panizza, as described in the menu, has Parma ham, salami, kesong puti, salted eggs, tomatoes, mango and 3 cheese. Over all, the panizza is scrumptious especially that it is drowning in cheese and it tastes like the maki twister of KFC. However, the existence of the Parma ham is lacking and the salami is also cut-priced.

While you are in Venice Piazza Mall, why not try to devour panizza at this restaurant in McKinley.

Chicken Parmigiana

The Chicken Parmigiana (P 230) of Shiela is surprisingly not tomato-based but a white sauce with green sauce at the bottom, if you would see in the picture. The pasta is not tasty so a request of parmesan cheese is a must. Moreover, we’ve known through the waiter that the green sauce is made from spinach. It is just great that this pasta is not oily so I am recommending the dish for health-conscious people.

The chicken parmigiana of this restaurant in McKinley surprised us with green sauce.

Steak and Pasta

Since I haven’t had my lunch and it was past 5 pm already, I’m really up into something heavier like steak, so I ordered Steak and Pasta (P250) because it’s affordable but would make me full. I had told the waiter to have my steak well done. The steak is tender but its sauce is purely plain while the pasta is well flavored. The penne is smothered in tomato sauce with a drizzle of parmesan cheese.

Have an affordable steak here in Uncle Cheffy, one of its branch restaurant is located in McKinley.

Uncle Cheffy Drinks

My lemonade (P100) and Shiela’s grape shake (P115) are well done, totally refreshing!

Drinks at one of the restaurants in McKinley.

Price: 5/5
Serving: 5/5
Taste: 3.5/5
Service: 5/5
Ambience: 4.5/5

Uncle Cheffy Giveaway

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Uncle Cheffy address: Venice Piazza, McKinley, Taguig

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored yet this review is written with sincerity. Photo watermark is named after an old site.

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