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Restaurants serving Filipino food are a dime a dozen here in Metro Manila. The only thing that sets them apart from one another is their style. Some feature fusion cuisine, others are holes-in-the-wall, and there are those that feature regional specialties. What fascinated me about this restaurant in Glorietta 3 named Dekada is that the establishment honors the significant events that happened in the Philippines.  In particular, the restaurant celebrates the changes that the country went through ever since the Spanish era. Dekada opened last June 12, 2013. I was invited by Teta last September 26 to check out the place.

This restaurant in Glorietta has truly embraced of being Filipino from its interior down to heroic menu names.

Dekada Magwagi Set

The bloggers and I were served with the Magwagi Family Set, which is good for six persons and is priced at P 1,990.00. They also serve a la carte dishes. I find reading their menu very entertaining as it feels like I pushed the rewind button and found myself sitting in my Philippine History class. Though we were served with a set meal, I would still share with you the a la carte prices of each dish from the set.

Yamashita (Sinigang na Sugpo sa Kamias P 389)

Tamarind is commonly used to make this dish sour, but Dekada uses kamias to the soup a tart kick. Hence, kamias serves as the hidden treasure in this dish – the Yamashita!

A tweak of sinigang in kamias flavor at this restaurant in Glorietta.

Want to try a different approach of sinigang? Try Sinigang Corned Beef of Sentro 1771.

Rizal (Lechong Manok P 578)

The chicken soaked up the flavor of the lemongrass, which is what made me like this simple dish. In addition, the chicken meat is not dry.

Lechong Manok is served whole at this restaurant in Glorietta

Dominicano (Adobo Rice P 268)

Of course, the typical Filipino meal would not be complete without rice. What we had is the exotic Dominican. Perhaps the Adobo crispy flakes are reminiscent of the Dominican’s curly hair?

Laguna Salad (P 128)

The salad is on the lower right of the photo. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a separate photo of it since it was on the side. Anyway, it has green and yellow mangoes as well as diced tomatoes.

You can never go wrong at trying out this adobo rice from this restaurant in Glorietta

Aguinaldo (Twice Cooked Adobo P 389)

I’m not a fan of Adobo, yet among the dishes that we had, this Twice Cooked Adobo is the best. Even the whole garlic can be consumed without having to fear of spoiling your breath after. It is a sweet and has a rich sauce. This combo made me crave for it more!

Have you ever had a twice cooked adobo in your whole life? Probably not. Visit this restaurant in Glorietta to try!

Murphy (Crispy Pla-pla with Eggplant P 289)

The well-behaved Murphy balanced the entire meal, at least for me. It’s crispy and skinny.

This fish from one of the restaurant in Glorietta is perfectly seasoned.

Sakay (Bicol Express P 289)

Dekada gave this particular dish a tweak by separating the sauce and serving the pork whole, like a Lechong Kawali. Diners could bathe the meat with the creamy coconut milk with shrimp paste sauce turned into a dip. Voila, you now have a modern-day Bicol Express!

Imagine your Bicol Express where the sauce is served separately… only here in one of the restaurants in Glorietta.

Puto Bumbong with Cheese (P 148)

This glutinous purple rice with shredded coconut, muscovado sugar, and cheese is surely an explosion of flavors. I highly recommend this to foreigners.

What an indulgent way to eat puto bumbong with cheese here at this restaurant in Glorietta.

Proclamation No. 1081 (Buko Halo Halo Espesyal P 138)

I was in awe when this one was served because it’s beautiful.

An ultimate Filipino favorite every summer is halo-halo. However, Dekada made it ultra special served at the coconut fruit! Try it here at this restaurant in Glorietta!

The place has dim lighting and wooden chairs, while the rest of the interiors have a European vibe to it. The prices were reasonable as the resto offers generous servings, so I would give them a highs core in this regard. The food is neither too salty nor too sweet, which could be an advantage if their target market are those in their 40s (or older). Furthermore, the waitresses were courteous.

An ultimate Filipino favorite every summer is halo-halo. However, Dekada made it ultra special served at the coconut fruit! Try it here at this restaurant in Glorietta!

Ambiance: 3/5
Price: 5/5
Serving: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Taste: 4/5

Dekada address:Glorietta 3, Ayala Makati


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but not swayed to write positive reviews. Photo watermark is named after my old site.

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