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Situated along the long road of Mindanao Avenue, everyone who passes by will surely notice this humble and spacious place called Tony’s Bar and Grill. This restaurant in Mindanao Avenue been running for 13 years, but we never tried eating here except for when one of my high school friends celebrated her debut party here six years ago and I barely glimpsed Tony’s Grill menu.

We arrived at around 5 PM, and the place was quiet. We were quite hesitant to push through because both the restaurant and its parking area were almost empty. My mom, dad, and I approached the bar area and asked how to order. They let us sit and handed us the menu. At least these gestures confirmed that they are operating that day.

Restaurant in Mindanao Avenue: Tony’s Bar and Grill

Tony’s Bar and Grill Baked Oysters P 210.00

Their baked oysters almost satisfied me, but it the taste seemed inconsistent. Some oysters were salty, some are overly buttered, while the others seemed fine.

Baked Oysters to satiate your seafood cravings brought to you from a restaurant in Mindanao Avenue

Tony’s Bar and Grill Grilled Pork Chop P 180.00

My dad ordered this one. He had the same dish from another restaurant, tooI wonder if he’s planning an evaluating on which restaurant has the best grilled pork chop. Nevertheless, the dish is ordinary and it was quite difficult to slice into pieces.

 A Grilled Pork Chop from one of the restaurants in Mindanao Avenue

Tony’s Bar and Grill Nasi Goreng P 175.00

This is the national dish of Indonesia which literally means fried rice. As soon as it landed on our table, we almost dropped our jaw because it was a chock-full. The dish itself will make you feel bloated. It has shrimps, scrambled eggs, pork strips, red and green peppers, and the like. The fried rice is moist, almost like a risotto, because it has oyster sauce and the shrimp base emphasized its taste more. This is my most recommended dish!

A hefty rice dish served from the restaurant in Mindanao Avenue

Tony’s Bar and Grill Chicken Barbecue P 160.00

Their chicken is also big and has a dash of sweetness to it.

Chicken Barbecue from Tony’s Bar and Grill, a restaurant in Mindanao Avenue

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Tony’s Bar and Grill Tapang Baboy Ramo P 185.00

The meat is cut into thin strips and the taste is reminiscent of a charcoal-grilled dish. I like it!

A wild boar dish that can be found from a restaurant in Mindanao Avenue

Tony’s Bar & Grill Strawberry Iced Tea P 55.00

I would love their Strawberry Iced Tea if it was colder. What I love about it is that I can feel the strawberry tidbits and the taste is really good. Its base is almost like the iced tea of The Aristocrat Restaurant.

Strawberry Iced from Tony’s Bar and Grill

Tony’s Bar and Grill Overall Review

My verdict for our dining experience is that it could be an is-the-place-even-open kind of awful, but you would surely be surprised when you taste their food. Their menu has the edge to contend with other restaurants. We arrived to an almost empty place, but as we filled our tummies, more cars started filling up the parking lot. Well, it’s probably because of the function being held to the second floor. Nevertheless, there were a few walk-in diners who started coming in. However, I wished they opened their sound system that time, so that some diners would not feel awkward in such a quiet atmosphere. The price is reasonable because their servings are pretty good. The waiter who served us is friendly and accommodating, too. In addition, the food served in this restaurant is different from the dishes served during functions because they offer a set menu for events.

Looking for a restaurant in Mindanao Avenue? Head on over at Tony’s Bar and Grill

Ambiance: 3/5
Price: 4/5
Serving: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Taste: 4/5

Tony’s Bar and Grill Address: 194 Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City

Open daily: 11:00 – 2:00

454 – 6026


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